Getting additional information during check-in and/or check-out

The check-in kiosk was designed to make checking in or out as quick and easy as possible - however in some circumstances kiosk administrators may want to ask additional information as part of the process of checking in or checking out.  (For example:  During check-out you might ask the volunteer for a rating on the project, or for an impact measurement  of some kind.   Here's how to add an additional form page to the check-in kiosk:

1) Create a form

When creating a form, select YES for the field "Is a Kiosk Form?"   Then give you form a name, and choose whether you wish to populate info to the contact record or the connection record of the volunteer checking in.   (or both!)

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Add the fields you wish to populate to the form.  In the example below, I've added a custom field "T-Shirt Size" to the contact record, and will ask this when the volunteer checks-in (so I can keep a record of their T-Shirt Size for future reference.

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Save your Form.  

2) Open a support ticket and request that your form(s) be linked to your check-in kiosk

Give the name of the form you want applied to check-in, and the name of the form you want applied to check-out.   (You can have one or the other or both as desired).

The support staff will then attach the designated forms to your check-in and/or check-out workflows in your check-in kiosk.

1) Avoid making your forms too long or require too much text.  The intent of the kiosk is to make check-in and check-out quick and easy.  You don't want to tie up a volunteer with a lot of questions to answers and risk slowing down the process.

2) Be aware that your check-in or check-out form applies to ALL volunteer opportunities that people check-in or out for.  You can't ask for different information for each volunteer opportunity - this is a universal form for all check-ins or check-outs.

3) When a team captain checks in themselves and additional team members - only the team captain's connection or contact will be updated with the form data.  Only if the team members check themselves in individually will you capture information on each of the team members.

4) This form will appear each time a volunteer checks in or out.


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