Editing a Workflow Action. Example: Changing a Task

Workflows can also be used to create tasks. HandsOn Connect comes with workflows that automatically assign tasks to the Partner Approval Manager when a new organization registers, and to the Opportunity Approval Manager when a partner submits a new volunteer opportunity.

You create workflows involving task in much the same way as creating workflows for field updates:

We can see the tasks that have already been created for use in workflows by clicking on Setup / App Setup / Create / Workflows & Approvals / Tasks

What if we wanted to change WHO the task for approving a newly registered organization is assigned to? Or wanted to change the wording or deadline for the task itself?

To do this we would edit the workflow action.

We are not going to change the workflow rule - but just the Workflow Action. The action type is TASK.

Go to Setup / Create / App Setup / Workflows & Approvals / Tasks

(or type "tasks" in the quick find)

Let's Look at the task that is assigned called: "New Organization has Registered". Click on the Hyperlink to view it:

This task is created based on a workflow rule that was already created:

It's the Workflow Task Detail we wish to edit (This is the Workflow Action).

This screen also references the Workflow Rule that evaluates whether or not to execute the Action.

We can now edit the task.

Because this task is part of the HandsOn Connect package -- we cannot modify all fields. The Subject line of the task is locked. However we can change:

  • Who the task is assigned to
  • When the task is set as "Due"
  • The comments field on the task

Click Save.

We can create new tasks from scratch, and associate them with existing workflow rules

We could either create a new workflow rule and then create the task, OR we could edit an existing Workflow Rule and add another Workflow Action.

You could also just create a new task by clicking on the NEW Task button -- however the task won't execute until you associate it with a Workflow Rule.


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