Creating a Workflow Rule and Action -- Example: Updating a field

Lets create a workflow that will make the "Orientation Required" checkbox automatically checked whenever we create an affiliate-managed volunteer opportunity.

Doing this restricts volunteers who do not have the 'orientation required' checkbox marked in their contact record from signing up for an affiliate-managed project.

(We cannot set this as a default value because the "Orientation Required" checkbox is a managed field and cannot be altered at the field level).

Creating a Workflow rule for the first time will lead you through creating both the Workflow Rule and the Workflow Action

First: Create the Workflow Rule

Go to Setup / App Setup / Create / Workflows & Approvals / Workflow Rules. Click on New Rule

Step 1: Select the object you wish the rule to be associated with

Since "Orientation Required" is a field in the Volunteer Opportunity record - we choose it.

Step 2: Configure the Workflow Rule

1. The rule is given a name

2. Evaluation Criteria determines the circumstances under which the rule is evaluated. Under what circumstances does this rule get evaluated?

  • When a record is created, or when a record is edited and did not previously meet the rule criteria: Choose this option to include new records and updates to existing records, unless the rule just ran and still meets the rule criteria. The rule is not re-triggered on edits that do not affect rule criteria. For example, if setting an opportunity rating to “Hot” causes the rule to run, with this option, the rule will run again only if the rating changes, then changes back to “Hot”—no matter how many times you edit the object.
  • Only when a record is created: Choose this option to ignore updates to existing records.
  • Every time a record is created or edited: Choose this option to include new records and updates to existing records and repeatedly trigger the rule, even if the record still meets the criteria. You cannot add time-dependent actions to the rule if you choose Every time a record is created or edited.

We don't want this rule run EVERY TIME a record is touched, so we can either pick "When a Record is Created".

3. The Rule Criteria determines the field criteria under which the rule will run.

  • In this case, we only want this rule to run IF the opportunity is managed by the affiliate. (And not run for Partner Managed volunteer opportunities).

Step 3: Specify Workflow Actions

Now we say WHAT will happen when the rule meets the evaluation criteria:

You can specify any of the types of workflow actions, or choose a workflow action you've previously created.

We'll choose "New Field Update" because we want to change the "orientation required' checkbox.

Now we define what field is updated and in what way

You can now add additional actions to take place if you wish

If we wanted other fields to be updated, or to create tasks or email alerts we could add additional workflow actions to take place when the Volunteer Opportunity Record is created. In this case we only want one field updated.

However, if for example we wanted the Registration Cutoff (hours)

By Default you create Workflow actions as Immediate Workflow Actions. They take place immediately.

You can optionally make workflow actions Time-Dependent by defining a Time Trigger (a later TIME for the action to take place).

In this case we are NOT making this time dependent so we can click DONE.

You must Activate the Workflow for it to be in effect

Don't forget to click the ACTIVATE button to put the rule into effect!

Now your rule is complete and active in your system! Any new affiliate-managed projects will automatically have the "Registration Required Checkbox" marked as True, which will restrict volunteers from signing up unless they've completed an orientation.

See the topic in Training 5 about how to create an online orientation for your volunteers to fully take advantage of this workflow.


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