Advanced Data Management Tools - overview

For system administrators and/or staff that do a lot of administrative handling of data -- there are a number of data management tools that can be enabled in HandsOn Connect by your system administrator:

  • Batch Creation of Teams from the contact record
  • Batch creation of Connection from the contact record
  • Import Team Members (making it possible to create team members from a report result)
  • Import Connections - which makes it possible to import connections for team members
  • Batch Moving or Copying of Connections (from occurrence record)
  • Adding occurrence connection contacts to a campaign (for use with a mass emailing tool that works with Salesforce Campaigns

Batch Create Volunteer Teams and Connections

Batch Create Volunteer Teams and Connections

To make it easier for you to manage existing contacts we have added two wizards, one for Team Members and one for Connections.  


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