Using Views to update records

The custom objects in HandsOn Connect allow for the flexibility to update most fields in the records. The custom objects include Locations, Volunteer Opportunities, Volunteer Teams, Occurrences, Connections, etc.

While this isn't helpful for updating the date and time fields, this is an easy way to update fields such as Status, Opportunity Coordinator, and Default Locations.

Creating a New View

Creating a New View

Every object has the ability to create custom views which can serve as mini- reports, except that you can't export them.

When creating a custom view keep these tips in mind:

Filter by Owner: Unless your organization really manages the record owner to assign items to specific staff, you will want to always select the "All [object name]" option

Additional filters:

Filters are limit to the object you are in, you can not filter by fields in the related objects (for example: for Volunteer Opportunities you can't set a filter based on the occurrence record)

If you are using a date related filter you can use both numerical dates (6/15/2011) or reference values such as TODAY. Click here for a complete list of options for reference values.

Fields to Display:

Make sure that you include the fields you want to edit in the display

Restrict visibility:

Since Staff and System Admins can create views, you want to make them accessible to all Internal Users

In the screen shot below we are updating the Default Location for all the Volunteer Opportunities associated with the organization Art in Texas.

Remember to use Organization Served to capture both Partner and Affiliate Managed opportunities.

Edit All Records

Once you have your view created, then you can edit the desired information.

In this case we wish to change the default location for ALL these opportunities that are served by he organization "Art in Texas"

(I guess they lost all their other locations. Too Bad.)

We are going to change ALL of these opportunities to take place in the location: "Art School"

Select all records you wish to edit by using the checkbox on the left, then double click on the field you want to edit in one of the records

You'll be given the option to edit one record, or all the records you've selected.

You'll be given the option to edit one record, or all the records you've selected.

Enter the value you wish to put in the field, and then select whether to apply to just the one record, or ALL the records checked.

Click SAVE.

NOTE: If the edit you are making has lookups to other fields, such as updating Opportunity Coordinator which updates the Opportunity Coordinator Email, the change will not be made when the view reloads. Simply wait a moment and refresh the view to see the other updated values.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

While the views are helpful, things can get a little bit crowded if you create a new view each time you want to update new fields, so instead of creating a new view utilize the Edit option to set new filter parameters. This will help keep your view list more manageable!


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