Getting Started with the Apex Data Loader

The Apex Data Loader can be used by System Admins as a desktop tool to help manage date with imports, updates, exports, and delete.

It offers features not found in the import wizards that are native salesforce.

With the data loader you can:

  • Update records which have multiple parent organizations (i.e. Connections)
  • Insert new records and update existing records at the same time  (upsert)
  • Insert null values into existing fields that already have data in them
  • Access to the fields Opportunity Approval Manager and VL Approval Manager (which are not available through the import wizareds)
  • and much more

Serious data management gurus will find the data loader their tool of choice for managing data.

NOTE:  The Apex Data Loader requires windows.  Mac users will find a similar tool called LexiLoader which is developed by an outside developer and not directly offered through Salesforce. It can be found here:

Downloading the Apex Data Loader

Downloading the Apex Data Loader

After clicking "Download the Data Loader" save the ApexDataLoader.exe file to your system.

Once the file has been saved, run the ApexDataLoader.exe file and follow the Install Wizard steps.

Security Token

In order for you to use the Apex Data Loader you will need to have the unique security token associated with your UserID.   If you are going to be using the data loader often, then maintain the security token in a secure location to avoid having to reset it often.

The Security Token is sent to the email address associated with your user account.

Note: If you reset your password, then your security token is also reset and you will need to request a new one.

Logging In to the Apex Data Loader

Logging In to the Apex Data Loader

Note "Upsert" is a combination of Insert and Update.  This task updates existing records and inserts new ones based on the data being imported.

The username is the email address associated with your user account.

The password is your usual password with the Security Token following immediately without any spaces.



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