How to Manage the Recycle Bin

Please note that the Recycling Bin can only store up to 5,000 items at a time.  Once it has reached capacity the oldest data will be permanently deleted as new items are added to the recycling bin. 

The Recycle Bin is at the bottom of the left sidebar on every page

The Recycle Bin is at the bottom of the left sidebar on every page

Click on the link to get to the recycle bin home page

How to Empty the Recycle Bin

How to Empty the Recycle Bin

Everyone has access to their personal recycle bin.

System Administrators have access to everyone's recycle bin  ("Your organization's recycle bin")

You can use the Search bar at the top of the page to search for specific items.

To restore a record BACK into Salesforce.  Put a check mark next to the item name and click the UNDELETE Button.

Some objects will restore their lookup-related parent objects, but some will not.  So you may have to manually restore previous relationships.

(This can be tricky to do -- another reason why we recommend that you do not delete records!)

Clicking on "Empty your recycle bin" or "Empty your organization's recycle bin" will permanently remove the data from salesforce. There is no undo for this!  (Other than to reimport information back into salesforce from your exported archival data).




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