Adding occurrence connections to a campaign

This feature is enabled to support the use of Campaigns, which is a native functionality of  Campaigns can be used in a variety of ways and are often utilized with 3rd party Mass Email applications found on the Salesforce AppExchange.

While Campaigns is not part of the HandsOn Connect applications, we hope that customers that are leveraging this tool will be able to utilize the "Add to Campaign" functionality to make it easier to add contacts to your campaigns based on their involvement.  We think this will be helpful in managing communications and donation efforts around volunteer events and disaster response.

To learn more about campaigns and how they could be beneficial to your organization, click here to see documentation from







3.     Use the lookup to select an existing Campaign.  

4.     If necessary, you can click the "Create New Campaign" button.  When clicked you are given a text field to name the campaign.  After you click save, the newly create campaign will be populated in the Select Campaign section.  All campaigns created using this feature will have the following default values, but can be edited from the campaign record:

  • Campaign Owner - user that created the campaign
  • Status - In Progress
  • Active - TRUE
  • Type - Email

Once you click on "Add to Campaign" then go to the Campaign and confirm that all contacts were added as campaign members


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