(Advanced) Batch Creating Team Members

There are two ways to batch add team members:

Both of these methods require your system administrator to activate these features.

Method 1: Create Team Members from a contact list view

Go to the Contacts Tab, and select any list view (other than "Recently Viewed Contacts".  You may want to create a view that gives you the contacts you want to add to a team.

In the view - put a checkbox next to each contact you want to add to an existing team.

IN the actions menu select "Create Team Members"

You'll have an option to select an existing team, by using a look-up (if you've already created the team), OR to create a new volunteer team.  

NOTE:  The field "Visibility" is no longer used in HOC 3 but IS in this form.  Leave the default setting as 'private"

If you are creating a new volunteer team - click on "Create Volunteer Team" - then your new team will automatically be populated in the look field 'Volunteer Team" -- NOW click "Create Volunteer Team Members"

Method 2: Importing Team Members

In Classic you'll find a link to 'import team members' in the left sidebar.

In HOC Lightning - you'll find an 'import Team members" option in the utility bar:

In the method - you'll need to prepare a speadsheet of data to import.  You can get the relevant info you need by running a report on the contacts you wish to import.

  1. Include the Contact ID column in the report.  The Contact ID is the Salesforce ID for that record and is a 15-18 digit alphanumeric number
  2. Export the report as a .CSV file.

Importing Team Members - Step 1

This first step is the only thing different than Method 1 above.  Since you are not selecting the contacts from a 'list view' -- you'll need to decide which contacts you wish to import as team members, but including a file that has the contact ID of each contact you wish to add.

Importing Team Members - Step 2

From here, the process is the same as when selecting from a list view as described above.

Importing Team Members - Step 2


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