Batch Moving or Copying of Connections from an Occurrence

This functionality allows users to move or copy a set of connections from one occurrence to another occurrence or volunteer opportunity.   Make sure you train any user that you grant this feature to so that they don't duplicate or corrupt your data.







3.     Use the lookup to select the Volunteer Opportunity.   Once the Volunteer Opportunity has been selected, then use the Occurrence lookup.  The Occurrence lookup will be filtered to all the Occurrences associated with the selected Volunteer Opportunity.

4.     If the Volunteer Opportunity and Occurrence are a To Be Scheduled opportunity, then the Date, Start Time and End Time fields will be presented.

5.     Designate the Status and Attendance Status for the Connections you are creating.  Even if you are moving existing Connections you still need to select the Status and Attendance Status that they will have with the new occurrence.  Remember if the Date & Time are in the future then use the Attendance Status = Please Verify

6.     Click on the desired action to take:

  • Move Connections - The existing connection will be updated to the new Occurrence and Volunteer Opportunity, if any. The Notice of Occurrence Rescheduled will be sent to these contacts.
  • Copy Connections -  New connections will be created for these contacts for the new Occurrence and Volunteer Opportunity, if any.  The respective Opportunity Sign-up Confirmation email alert will be sent to these contacts.

Once you click on "Copy Connections" or "Move Connections" then go to the Occurrence and confirm that all connections were added.


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