Updating Opportunity Coordinator

In this post we will show you the basic steps for updating the Opportunity Coordinator for Occurrences.  

For general information on how to apply the steps in this post to other fields in the occurrence or other records, please view this post.

For this example we are updating the Opportunity Coordinator for the Occurrences associated with the Volunteer at the Fisherman's Festival opportunity. The Opportunity Coordinator is currently H.R. Wells and it needs to be updated to Charles Xavier.

While this post utilizes a specific example, you can use the steps outlined in this post to update other objects, but building out a view that meets your needs.

Creating the View

Creating the View

Once in the Occurrences object.  Click on "New"

In creating the new view, you first create the list view and then continue with the filtering to restrict the records shown in the list view. Once those two steps have been completed, you identify which columns you wish to have in your view.

In this example we are wanting to update all the upcoming occurrences associated with Fisherman's Festival.

Be sure to click Save when modifying any filters for your list view.

Changing the Opportunity Coordinator

Click the "X" to remove the current coordinator and type in the search box to find your new coordinator. Make your selection and then be sure to check the box for "Update xx selected items" and then click apply.

When the window first reloads, the Opportunity Coordinator Email will be revised on the screen and highlighted in yellow, but this change must be saved. Click Save at the bottom.


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