Kiosk Activation Options

Please see the article "Using the Kiosk to Check in Volunteers" which describes the process of activating the kiosk for use each day.  The Activation Screen can be customized for you by displaying or removing several 'features' that allow the kiosk's operation to be customized by the person activating it.

Some HOC clients prefer the kiosk to be as simple as possible to activate, and don't have need to use some of the 'advanced' kiosk features.

Other HOC clients want to allow the kiosk to be configured in a variety of ways during activation.  This provides greater flexibility but can be confusing to some people.

We recommend only displaying the activation features that you know your kiosk-activators will need.

The Kiosk activation process always includes at least two options:

Activation Code: This is the password that is used to 'unlock' the kiosk and make it ready for volunteers to check in.

Timezone for Today's Opportunities: This allows the kiosk to be set to the proper time zone.

All the other activation options are strictly optional and can be displayed (and left blank), or used if needed.

We recommend, that to avoid complexity for kiosk activators, that you only display the following options IF you need to use these options.

Here are the optional features you can choose to display or not display when activating the kiosk:

Location Filter

By default, the kiosk will allow checking in for any of today's occurrences, no matter what the location.    If this setting is displayed, it allows the activator to filter and only allow check-in for occurrences and connections that take place at one or more specific locations.   (Leave this filter blank to display all locations)

Organization Filter

By default, the kiosk will allow checking in for any of today's occurrences, no matter what organization is managing the opportunity.  If this setting is displayed, it allows the activator to filter and allow check-in for occurrences and connections that are managed by one or more organizations.  (Leave this filter blank to allow check-in for all organizational occurrences).

Save Settings After First Activation

By default, the kiosk requires you to activate ('unlock') it each day - and each day will present the options to filter by location or organization, or set a different time zone.  For this behavior, just choose None. The kiosk will automatically lock itself after 24 hours.

The other options you can save here are these:

  • Only Configuration (daily activation is required).  After initially activating the kiosk, the filters will be hidden and maintained. (i.e. if you are using no filters, because you want all occurrences to be displayed in the kiosk), that can be saved, and each day you'll only be asked for the activation code.  A simpler activation process if you wish to hide the filters from your kiosk activators.
  • Configuration & Activation:  With this setting, the kiosk will remain activated day after day.   This has some possible security down-side as anyone will be able to use the kiosk on this device even without someone activating it...  but if you have a permanently placed kiosk and wish it to be 'always live' - then choose to save this setting.

Note:  This setting can be useful for an organization that wants to set up the configuration once and rarely ever have to reconfigure it.  It's also useful if you want an 'open' kiosk that does not require activation (password protection).

We recommend NOT displaying this option, as the daily activation gives your kiosk greater security.  However the option is available for those organizations that prefer convenience over security.

Check-in No Earlier Than (minutes before connection start date)

If this feature is turned on, setting a value in this box prevents volunteers from checking in any earlier than X minutes before the scheduled connection start time.  (When this feature is not enabled, volunteers can check in as early as they like on the day the connection is scheduled).

Disable Late Check-in (Minutes)

When left blank, volunteers can check in any time before of after the scheduled start time of their connection.  If however, you put in a number here, it represents the number of minutes, after which a volunteer is not allowed to check-in.  This is normally left blank, but if, for example you are using the kiosk for court ordered volunteers and have a requirement that they can't arrive more than 15 minutes late... then you'd populate this field with 15, and after 15 minutes they would not be able to check-in. Instead they'd see this message:.

We do not recommend displaying this option unless you need to surpress late check-ins.

Our recommendation is to only display the activation features you know you need at the present time.  If you wish to display additional options in the future, just open a support ticket if you find a need for any of the four 'optional' settings that aren't originally set up for you.


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