Check-In Check-Out Option

For organizations wishing to track volunteer time at a more detailed level, the kiosk offers the option of checking volunteers in and out.

1. Check In/Out Disabled

Volunteers are checked in and marked as attended (and hours verified) and hours are updated based on the start time and end time of the occurrence.

i.e. if the connection is scheduled for 10:00 am - 11:00 am, they are credited with 1 hour of service.

2. Check In/Out Enabled

Checking In:

  • If a volunteer comes early or on time they are checked in at the start time of the occurrence.  (The kiosk does not credit time for early check-in, but assumes they start when their connection is scheduled to start)
  • If a volunteer comes late, they are checked in at the time they arrive (The start time of their connection is edited, to reflect the time they actually started, after the scheduled start time)

Checking Out: (optional)

  • If a checked in volunteer enters their email in the kiosk again, they are informed they are already checked in and asked if they wish to check out.
  • A volunteer who checks out before the connection end time, will have the end time of their connection updated and the 'hours sereved" will be recalculated to reflect the early check-out.
  • A volunteer who checks out after the scheduled end time, will be credited with extra time in the hours-served of their connection.  (The end time cannot be updated beyond the occurrence end time - but the volunteer will be credited with the extra time reflecting that they stayed beyond the scheduled end time.
  • Checking out will not be applicable to anonymous guest volunteers if guest configuration 3 is selected.
  • If a volunteer is signed up for multiple occurrences in one day, upon checking out they will also be asked if they wish to check-in for other opportunities they are connected to that day.

(Optional) Tracking Actual Check-in / Check-Out times. (Time clock functionality)

As described above, the check-in kiosk does not update the connection start time to a time earlier than the scheduled start of the occurrence, and it does not update the connection end-time to a time later than the scheduled connection end-time.  But what if you want to actually track the actual arrival time of the volunteer (even if they arrive early for the scheduled connection), and know what time they actually left?

This tracking happens automatically as well, but does not influence the connection start time / end time, and it does not change the 'hours served' to reflect people arriving earlier than expected.

To see the actual check-in and check-out time, there are three optional fields that can be added to the connection page layout.

For details on adding these fields (if you wish to calculate hours served based on actual arrival and departure time (rather than the scheduled 'start' time), see this article on adding the additional fields "Check-In'  "Check-Out" and "Kiosk Hours Served"  if they are not already on your connection page layout.


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