Configuration of Kiosk Appearance and Operation

Options for configuring the look and operation of the check-in kiosk

You'll be asked to provide the following informatiion when your kiosk is set-up.  These settings can be updated at any time by opening up a support ticket.

  1. Background Color (Hex Code)
  2. Button Color (Hex Code)
  3. Logo Url (can be the URL of your logo in HOC or any other image you add to documents or chatter files
  4. Welcome Message (indicate the line spacing by using basic html.  Example: <p> Welcome to HOC 9001 Kiosk Demo</p><p>Please enter your email address</p>

5. Organization Name - This should be the same organization name that you use on your public website.

6. Success Text (the text you want to appear after they have completed their checkin.  Example:  "Thanks! You have successfully checked in for this opportunity"

7. Waiver URL - a link to your online terms and conditions (or waiver text).  This is used if you allow guests to register and create accounts.  You can use your organizations terms and conditions page /terms_and_conditions" if you wish.

8.  Timezone: The time zone your Salesforce instance is localized in.  This is the time zone all your opportunities are created in, even if you are using HandsOn Connect across multiple time zones.  We'll refer to this as your 'affiliate time zone'  in this documentation.

If you are using HandsOn Connect in multiple time zones, you still create all your occurrences in your 'affiliate time zone.  That's the time zone that is set in configuration.

There are special instructions for activating the local time zone if the kiosk is being used in a different time zone than your affiliate time zone.

Kiosk Activation Code

9. Kiosk Activation Code:  This is the password that will be necessary to unlock the kiosk when its to be used on-site to check-in volunteers. It can be any length, and has no special requirements. Having an activation code secures your kiosk so that only kiosk operators can unlock the kiosk, thereby preventing volunteers who might see the URL for the kiosk from using it to check in from home even though they didn't show up for the project! (Those tricky devils!)    

This activation code can be updated at any time by opening a support ticket and requesting a change of activation code.   (You might choose to do this if you wanted to stop people who had the original code from using the kiosk going forward, or you think its security has been compromised.)


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