How do you want to calculate a volunteer's Hours Served?

HandOn Connect, by default, calculates the "Hours Served" for each connection by looking at the time elapsed from the Connection Start Time and the Connection's End Time.  

Users of either the Check-In Kiosk or the HOC Quick Check-In App however, also have data recorded in two fields that can be added to the Connection Layout:  Check-In (which records the actual time the volunteer checked in), and Check-Out which records the actual time the volunteer checks out.  (If they do not check-out, the check-out time is automatically assigned as the end date and time of the connection.)

So how do you want Hours Served calculated?

By default, the "Hours Served" in the connection is calculated based on the start date and time and end date and time of the connection.   However, if a volunteer checks in early, or checks out before or after the scheduled end date and time of the connection, you may actually want their 'hours served' to be based on the total time between when they checked in and checked out.

You can, optionally, add the fields "Check-In", "Check-Out" and "Kiosk Hours Served" to your connection page layout if you want to see the difference between the scheduled connection start and end time, and when the volunteer actually checked in (and out).


Again:  By Default.  HOC calculated the field "Hours Served" strictly on the start time and end time of the connection, and the Kiosk Hours Served is informational only.  When reporting, and/or tabulating the total hours served on the contact record, the Hours Served field is used.

Note:  Opportunity Coordinators can choose to edit the end time of a connection, and/or simply manually override the calculation of Hours Served and credit the volunteer with as many hours as they wish (regardless of the start time/end time of the connection).   So one could, in theory, manually override the Hours Served with the Kiosk Hours Served.

But what IF you always wanted to use the kiosk hours served as the 'hours served' for the connection?  

If you always want to credit the volunteer for their early (or late) arrival to an opportunity, and have the 'hours served' calculated as if by a time clock, based on the check-in kiosk or app, there IS now an option to calculate "Hours Served" based on the check-in and out time as calculated by the check-in kiosk or app.

If you wish to change the way hours served is calculated in your instance of HandsOn Connect, please open a support ticket with the following subject:

  • Please change to using check-in and check-out to calculated Hours Served.

Also indicate the settings you wish for the following options:


Banners and Alerts

We will then update your instance of HOC to use the new calculation method.  


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