Team Configuration Options

The ability for teams to check-in can be enabled or disabled.

1. Team Check-in Disabled
  • Only team members with email addresses can be checked in
  • Team member checks themselves in via their email address
  • If team member has no email address, they will be treated as guest volunteers based on the guest volunteer configuration.
2. Team Check-in Enabled

There are two ways that team check-in can take place:

  • Individual team members check themselves in, or
  • The team captain handles check-in for all team members.
  • The Team Captain, when checking in, have the option of checking-in their team members (along with themself). Or, they can choose to just check themselves in.)
  • Team members can also check themselves in individually.

It's best to have the team captain either wait and check in their entire team once they have arrived, OR to only check themselves in, and let each arriving team member check themselves in.

Handling of team members who do not have email addresses:

When teams are enabled, anyone checking in without a connection matching their email address,  will be asked if they belong to a team and which team they are a member of. 

  • A team member with a confirmed connection and an email address will be checked in immediately.
  • If a team member does not have an email address they will be asked if they were pre-registered by their team captain as part of a team.  (see screenshot below).    If they answer yes, they will be asked to choose from a list of teams signed up for occurrences that day. They will then be asked for their first name and last name. 
  • That team will be searched for a team member who has a matching name.
  • If no matching name is found, the team member will be handled based on guest configuration.   If the guest configuration allows registration of guests - then the team member with no connection (i.e. a guest team member), will be able to register and create an account, will be checked-in with a connection created, and will be added as a member of the team they said they were a part of.
  • If they answer "No", they will be not be asked about teams, and proceed with the appropriate guest registration option, as defined by your guest configuration.

If teams are enabled, and guest registration (option 4) is enabled, as mentioned above, a guest will be able to join their team when they check-in, and their connection will be a team member check-in.

If you do not want guests to be able to join a team they say they are a member of, open a support ticket and we can override this setting.  In that case, only team members signed up by the team captain will be able to check in as part of a team.  A guest team member will have to sign up as an individual instead of as part of a team.


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