What is the HandsOn Connect Check-In Kiosk?

The HandsOn Connect Check-In Kiosk can allow you or your partners to check-in volunteers on-site for date and time specific Volunteer Opportunities on the day they take place, removing the need for you to report attendance manually post-event.

The HandsOn Connect Check-In Kiosk is an add-on to HandsOn Connect. For information on pricing and getting this added to your instance of HandsOn Connect, please open a support ticket here in the help center.

The check-in kiosk:

  • Allows volunteer to quickly check themselves in at the project site, using only their email address.  There is also a configuration available that will allow volunteers to print an "Access Pass" with a QR code that will allow them to check-in simply by scanning their code.
  • Supports configurations for walk-in and guest volunteers, team check-ins, and optional 'check out' functionality.  (Note: Guest and Team check-in is only available for Date & Time Specific Volunteer Opportunities,  not for Individually Scheduled Volunteer Opportunities.)
  • Can be displayed on one or more laptops, tablets or smartphones to facilitate check-ins of large or small projects.

How the kiosk operates for your organization is determined by the configuration you choose when you order your kiosk. See this chapter on kiosk configuration options.


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