What is the HandsOn Connect Quick Check-In App?

The HandsOn Connect Quick Check-In App  is a touchless alternative to using the HandsOn Connect Check-In Kiosk. It is available in IOS and Android and allows volunteers to check-in for their existing connections by opening the app, and scanning a QR code posted at the volunteer site.

How is the Quick Check-In App different than the Check-In Kiosk?

Check-In Kiosk:

  • Requires a device at the check-in location (laptop, tablet or mobile device), that all volunteers interact with to enter their email address (or present a QR code for scanning), in order to check-in. It requires touching a device that is handled by other volunteers.
  • Volunteers are checked in (and optionally checked out), by entering their email address (or presenting a QR code (that they've printed or saved for scanning).
  • The Check_In Kiosk is configurable to allow for Guest Check-Ins, Team Check-Ins, Late Check-Ins, etc.

HandsOn Connect Quick Check-In App

  • Each volunteer checks in using their own mobile device. This makes it a touchless way to check-in as there is no device sharing.
  • Volunteers launch the app on their phone, and then scan a QR code at the check-in site, which checks them in (and out) once they scan.
  • The Quick Check-In App is for individual volunteer check-in only., and requires that each volunteer has an existing connection to the volunteer opportunity.  It does not support checking in guests, or team members who do not have their own HandsOn Connect account.
  • The Quick Check-In App uses a QR Code that volunteer can scan to check-in.  Opportunity Coordinators must print out the QR code for volunteers to scan, and have it present for scanning at the opportunity site.  The Coordinator can choose to print a QR code good for all opportunities at that location, or for a specific Volunteer Opportunity, or even for a specific Occurrence.

The Check-In Kiosk can be used in conjunction with the Quick Check-In App if desired, as a way to manage guest and team connections.

How does your organization get access to use the HandsOn Connect Quick Check-In App?

If you've already purchased the HOC Add-on "Check-In Kiosk" you can also request being added to the Quick Check-In App.  Just open a support ticket titled "Please add our organization to the HOC Quick Check-In App".  

Please provide us with:

  • The logo you'd like to appear in the app, sized to 300 x 300 pixels (square)
  • Optionally, any title you'd like to have appear on the printed QR page used for check-in (Title for Location QR Page, Volunteer Opportunity QR Page, or Occurrence QR Page).
  • Please indicate the configuration you wish for the following settings regarding early and late check-ins and check-outs:



If you do not already have the Check-In Kiosk, please contact [email protected] for pricing information.


In order to effectively use the Quick Check-In App you will need to publicize it to both your volunteers and your Opportunity Coordinators.

1. Tell your volunteers that you will be using touchless check-in at your opportunities, and to download the HandsOn Connect Quick Check-In App from the IOS or Android store.

2. Train your Opportunity Coordinators, Volunteer Leaders and Partners on how to print out the QR code that volunteers will scan with the app in order to check-in. (See Below)

How does a Volunteer Use the Quick Check-in App?

1. Volunteers must download the HandsOn Connect Quick Check-In App from the IOS or Android App Store.  

2. Volunteer is prompted to select the Organization they are participating with from the splash page of the app.  

3.  Volunteer then enters their username and password for their HOC account, and select 'Login"

4.   User is prompted to hold their device over the QR code at the opportunity site (supplied by the Opportunity Coordinator).  The reader in the app will then automatically scan the code and display the steps to check in. (depending on whether there are signed up for more than one opportunity that day).  If they scan again later on, they will be prompted if they wish to check-out of the opportunity.

The volunteer's check-in time will be automatically recorded in their connection record, and they will mark as attended.  If they check-out - their check-out time will be recorded in their connection record.

How does the Opportunity Coordinator get the QR code for volunteers to scan?

The Opportunity Coordinator can access and print out the QR code for either the Location the opportunity is taking place, for the specific Volunteer Opportunity itself, or even for an individual occurrence of a volunteer opportunity,

They access the QR codes in the Sharing portal by navigating to either the Location record, the Volunteer Opportunity Record, or the Occurrence Record.  


Occurrence QR codes are good for only one specific occurrence of an Opportunity.  Volunteer Opportunity QR code can be used repeatedly for all occurrences of the opportunity over the course of multiple days.  Location QR codes can be reused for any and all Volunteer Opportunities / Occurrences that take place at that location.  


The QR Code can be downloaded as a .pdf and printed out to make it easy for volunteers to scan and check-in.  The name of the Location, Volunteer Opportunity, or Occurrence Date & Time will appear on the QR code.   Volunteers then scan this using the Quick Check-In App to check themselves in (or out at the end of the project).


Automating not attended for volunteers who did not check-in

The process for marking volunteers who did not check-in as 'not attended' can be automated, in the same manner as when using the check-in kiosk.

Alternate calculation of hours served based on check-in / check-out times

While the quick check-in app does track the actual check-in and check-out times for a connection, by default, HandsOn Connect calculates 'hours served' for a connection based on the scheduled start time and end time of the connection.

However, you can now optionally request to have hours served calculated based on the actual check-in / check-out times.

For more information on how this works, please see the article How do you want to calculate a volunteer's Hours Served?


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