Automate marking 'Not Attended" Connections

For any occurrence where you actively use the check-in kiosk, the connections of each volunteer who atended will be marked as "Attended (and hours verified"

However, the kiosk doesn't automatically know who didn't attend, and therefore your attendance for that occurrence won't be complete, since those who didn't check-in are still marked as "please verify"

You can however, configure HandsOn Connect to automate an occurrence to automatically update any connection to 'not attended".  Here's how:

Automate Not Attended

If you have the check-in kiosk add-on configured for your organization, then an extra field has been added to the occurrence page layout.  It's called "Check-in Kiosk:  Automate Not Attended.  

If you are using the check-in kiosk for this occurrence, we recommend editing the occurrence and setting the checkbox for "Check-in Kiosk: Automate Not Attended" to true.  

Doing thiis will automatically, overnight, look at this occurrence, and assume that anyone not marked as attended did not attend, and automatically update the remaining 'please verify' connections for this occurrence to "not attended".  

Voilà - the kiosk checked in who did attend, and overnight anyone who did not check in is marked as not attended.  Your attendance reporting for this occurrence is completed without you manually having to report attendance!  Fantastic!

IMPORTANT:  Do not set this value as true for occurrences that are not using the check in Kiosk.

Why?  Because if you didn't use the check-in kiosk, and the opportunity coordinator doesn't report attendance manually by 11:59 pm the day the occurrence took place, all connections in this occurrence will automatically be set to 'not attended".   You do not want that to happen if you are not using the kiosk to check-in volunteers.

Since this is not actually a 'required' field, we recommend moving this field into the "Information" section on the page layout.

Note:  This feature only works in a useful manner for connections of Date & Time Specific Opportunities.  The trigger to update any remaining 'please verify' connections to "Not attended" is executed on the day after the occurrence end date.

Since Individually Scheduled Opportunities have only a single occurrence with an end date that is often far into the future — the individually scheduled connections who remain in 'please verify' status won't be updated until the End Date of the Occurrence.  So attendance for these connections may not be updated for quite a long time.


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