Release Notes January/February 2020

A few new features/improvements and minor bug fixes have been included to the HOC Managed package in Salesforce.  Here's what's notable:

Check-In Kiosk Time Clock Improvement.  New field "Kiosk Hours Served" (HOCAVV-1265) (Administrator Speedup needed if you wish to use it.)

In a previous release two new fields were added to the connection object for Check-In Kiosk users that allowed you to know the exact time someone checked in via the kiosk, and, if they checked out, the exact time they checked out.  (These fields are called "Check-In" and "Check-Out"

We've now added another new field "Kiosk Hours Served". (Kiosk_Hours_Served_c which is a formula field that will calculate the hours served based on the difference between the time they've checked in via the kiosk, and the time they check out. (If they don't check-out, the connection end time is used instead).  

If you wish to credit the volunteer with their actual hours as determined by the time clock (as opposed to the hours calculated based on the connection start time and end time,  you can use the field "Kiosk Hours Served" in your reports as it reflects their total time from arrival to check-out for each connection.

To add these fields to the connection layout do the following:

1) Update System Administrator and any other profiles to have read access to the fields "Check-In" , "Check-Out" and "Kiosk Hours Served".   (This isn't necessary if your system admin users already have the permission set "HOC System Administrator" assigned to them.

2) Add these three new fields to your connection page layout.  (Here's a suggested placement:)



For reporting purposes, update any custom reports you've created for connections and add these new fields to the report type, so that you can add "Kiosk Hours Served" to your reports.

Prevent automated emails from being sent for Volunteer Opportunities in Admin Status (HOCAVV-1278)

Certain automated emails sent to connections via apex triggers (instead of workflows) were sending emails to volunteers even if the Opportunity or Occurrence was in status "Admin".  This has been fixed.

For Connections to Volunteer Opportunities or Occurrences that are in admin status, the expected (and now fixed) behavior, is that no email notifications are sent to the connected volunteer.


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