October, 2017 Release Notes

Monthly releases are changes and improvements to the HOC managed package (which controls functionality on the Salesforce side of things). This package was not released earlier in the month, so that any adjustments needed to ensure compatibility with Salesforce's Winter '18 release could be factored in.

A variety of updates were made to HandsOn Connect to improve performance in SF Lightning for those who decide to migrate to the lightning experience in the future.  We'll have more info on HandsOn Connect for Lightning in the coming year.

Here are highlights in this release - including recommended admin updates to email templates.

Email improvement: Confirmation emails not sent for dates in the past (HOCAVV-1038)

HOC administrators and opportunity coordinators often choose to add connections administratively for dates in the past.  The managed workflows that send out confirmation emails have been updated so that volunteers will not receive a confirmation email if a connection is administratively added for a date and time < NOW.

Support for use of Salesforce's native State and Country/Territory Picklists (HOCAVV-805)

Salesforce, for many years, used text fields in its native address forms for Country and State.

In it's Winter '17 release, Salesforce introduced standardized, predefined picklists for Countries and States. HandsOn Connect has now been updated so that depending on an organization configuration - HandsOn Connect can support the new SF global picklists IF your organization wishes to enable them in SF.

Note:  If your organization has a need to enable Global State and Country/Territory picklists in Salesforce -- please open a support ticket and we can configure HOC to work with this configuration.

Enabling State and Country/Territory picklists in Salesforce DOES require converting your existing address data in all your SF records.  So we do not recommend doing this unless you have a very specific need for this change.

Bug Fix: Contacts created by team captains were put in wrong registration status (HOCAVV-1027)

A regression in functionality was discovered, in which contacts created by team captains were put in status 'not registered' rather than the usual "pending (Team registration) status.

The bug has been fixed, and going forward contacts created by team captains will be put in the status pending (Team Registration) again.

There is no functional impact to the contacts that were created with status 'not registered' so there is no need to update your data.  

For those who found the status "pending (team registration)' useful for reports or to quickly see that a contact was created by a team captain -- you CAN create a report to see any team members in 'not registerd' status, and then do a bulk update to place them in pending (team registration) status if you like.   There is no need to do this however.

Bug Fix: Grouped Occurrences now send correct email template after a volunteer signs up (HOCAVV-1026)

The wrong email template was being sent when a volunteer signed up for a grouped occurrence of a date and time specific, express interest opportunity.  This has been corrected.

One of the following four email templates will be sent depending on whether the project is affiliate or partner managed, and whether it is full sign-up or express interest:



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