Using the Public Website - Main Navigation for Organizations

Most HandsOn Connect navigation includes a link for "partner organizations" to register.  If you are not using outside partners to submit volunteer opportunities to appear on your site, you may not need this part of the HOC functionality.

Here's an overview of the typical navigation for Organizational Partners.  The navigation items and names can be modified using the content management system.

Become A Partner / About Partnership

Become A Partner

The contents of this page are customizable the CMS. This is where you can message potential nonprofit, government, civic, or faith-based organizations on how they can partner with your organization to recruit volunteers.  You can create links to any documents you want to make available to them, and the Sign Up / Registration link in the navigation will take them to an online form where they can enter their basic information into your HandsOn Connect Database as a potential partner.

Sign Up / Registration

This form can be customized in the CMS to include or exclude many of its fields.  If you have the Advanced Registration System (ARS) add-on for HandsOn Connect - you can create additional pages and forms to the organization sign-up process.

Sign Up / Registration

Clicking on the Sign-up / Registration navigation brings the partner to a form where they can enter information.  Doing so will trigger an email to your Partner Approval Manager who will be able to review their application and guide them through the steps to become a partner with your organization.   Once partner status is granted, organization representatives will be able to log into the public site and enter the Partner Portal (sharing portal) where they'll be able to post opportunities, verify attendance, and run reports on their volunteer activities.

Depending on your relationship with partner organizations - you can use the CMS to add additional pages of information that are of value to your non-profit partners.  You can then add additional sub-navigation to access these pages.


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