Volunteer Registration - "Become a Member"

Before a volunteer can start signing up for opportunities - they will need to either login to their account, or click "Become a Member" to create an account on your site.

Become a Member Page

Clicking on "Become a Member" in the horizontal navigation for volunteers takes you first to the "About Membership" page.

This page is fully editable in HandsOn Connect's static page (WYSIWYG) editor.  This is where you can explain basic information on what volunteering for your organization is about.

At the end of this content, you may want to post a link or instruct the reader to click on the "Sign Up/ Registration" item in the left navigation. This will take them to the sign up page.

Volunteer Sign Up Page

1. Captures basic info about volunteer.  Volunteers can also upload a photo of themselves which should be 113 x 113 pixels (square).

2. Contact Info

3. Login Info & Communication preferences:

  • These will serve as the login and password for returning to the website  (Your email address becomes your login ID)
  • "Do you accept invitations" refers to accepting invitations from organizations finding matches to your skill profile.
  • Communications preferences have to do with accepting newsletters, etc from you and from HandsOn Network. They are opted in by default, but a user can opt out of either.  (They cannot opt out of system-based emails like sign-up confirmations, reminders, etc. that are generated by the sytem).

4. Demographic and volunteer options, and volunteer availability grid are optional during registration.  Click on the + symbol to open up these options.

5. Additional questions are where custom registration questions for volunteers appear. These may or may not be required based on the settings when you define these questions.

6. The terms and conditions can be customized to include local terms and conditions.

7. Clicking submit completes the registration process, and sends a confirmation email to the volunteer.


NOTE:  If you have purchased the "Advanced Registration System" (ARS) add-on module - its possible to add additional pages and custom questions to the registration process, as well as have all the captured information directly synched to the Salesforce back in.  



Regarding the communication preferences check-box: can I pull a report that will show me new contacts who have chosen in this field to receive communications?

Larry Deckel

Yes you can. The field to report on is in the Contact record, and is called "Communication Preferences".

Just add that to any contact report -- and you can see which they've opted in for -- and/or filter to JUST get contacts who have opted in for affiliate, opted in for national, etc.


Thanks so much. Just one more clarification. Since this field is a check-box, how do I word the filter for my report? I choose "Communication Preferences equals" what?

Larry Deckel

For checkboxes you can use either "True" or "Yes" as the criteria for pulling fields that have checkboxes.

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