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The Find Opportunities page offers advanced searching based on a number of filters.  Here's a guide to using the Search Results Grid, and the Additional Filters on the /search page in HandsOn Connect:

Note:  This is the /search page.     It's also possible to create another version of search by creating a /searchresults block .  It works in a similar way but has a more modern look and feel.

Search Page Layout

Search Page Layout

1. The Search Results Grid shows all the opportunities that meet the specifications of the search filters.  The column headers can be clicked on to SORT results by that column heading.

2. Advanced Search Filters - here you can set the basic filters for search.  Geolocation will fill in your current location, and today's date as a 'from' filter for dates.  By default, everything else will start blank.

NOTE:  The Keyword Search is an 'or' search.  If you put in two words, it will look for opportunities that can contain one word or the other.   Keyword Search looks for matches in the following fields of a volunteer opportunity record:

  • Opportunity Name
  • Opportunity Description
  • Primary or Secondary Impact Area
  • Managing Organization and Organization Served
  • Skill Categories
  • Impact Area (local)
  • Program Area (local)

3. The ability to Save a search (which can be shared with others, used as a navigation item, or saved as part of your account record so you can easily recall searches)

4. Additional Filters  (These expand and offer more filtering options)


When you arrive at this page - the last search you did is preserved via a 'cookie'.  To start a new search, click on the New Search link.

Working with the Search Results Grid

Working with the Search Results Grid

1. Clicking on an opportunity name will take you to the opportunity detail page of the NEXT occurrence coming up (which is indicated in the "Time" column.

2. You can sort the search results by clicking on the header of any column.

3. If there are more than one future occurrence of any date and time specific opportunity, the Time  column will say "+ More" -- clicking on that link will take you to a search results page where you'll see all upcoming dates and times for that opportunity.  If the Time Column says "Open" it indicates that it is an "Individually Scheduled opportunity" with no specific date and time indicated.  (Volunteers can express interest and arrange a date and time to volunteer with the managing organization of that opportunity.

4. When you are using filters -- this section tells you that you're viewing a filtered view -- you can click on 'Click here to see All Opportunities" to get the full liust.

At the bottom of the list on each page, will be a link to "Load More Opportunities" which will bring additional data into the view.


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