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By default, Social Login is enabled allowing volunteers to register via Facebook and/or login via their facebook account.  (If you do not wish to allow login with facebook - please open a help desk ticket and request that it be disabled.

Note:  Logging in with LinkedIn is optional, and can be activated for your account by request.

Here's how a volunteer can associate their Facebook account with Hands On Connect and be able to login via Facebook:

When social login is enabled on your site - you'll see the "Log in with Facebook" button on the login widgets.

Before being able to use the Login with Facebook button, a volunteer must associate their HandsOn Connect account with your Facebook account.  To do this a user should do the following:

1.  Log into HandsOn Connect normally.

2.  In "My Account" click on the new menu option called "Social Login Settings" (or 'Social Login") in your navigation.  If you do not have this in your navigation, create a menu item that links to /social-connections

How to link your HOC login with your Facebook Account

Social Login Settings page

After reading the info, users click the "Link with Facebook" button to associate their accounts:

They'll be walked through the steps to link their facebook account to their HandsOn Connect account.

Once that's been done once.  They'll be able to login by clicking on the "Login with Facebook" button on the login widget on your site!

Social Login Settings page

If they are not already logged into Facebook when they click "Link with Facebook" - they'll first be taken to a Facebook login page.

If they are already logged into Facebook they will be taken directly to the screen shown below.  

Clicking on "Link Account" will complete the process and the volunteer will now be able to use the "Login with Facebook" button in the login widget for future logins!

Logging in via Facebook

Logging in via Facebook

Once a user has associated their HandsOn Connect account with their Facebook account, they'll be able to use the new Login with Facebook button on the login widget.

Clicking on Log in with Facebook on the login widget will do one of two things:

  • If you are not currently logged into Facebook on your computer, you may be asked to log into your Facebook account.
  • If you're already logged into Facebook, you'll be taking to the "Continue as ...." screen.

Logging in via Facebook after you accounts are linked

Now that your accounts are linked - you'll be able to click on the Log in with Facebook button and quickly be logged into HandsOn Connect with no password required.

Logging in via Facebook after you accounts are linked

Continue as confirmations Screen

You'll be presented with a "Continue as...." screen.  Click Okay and you'll be logged in to HandsOn Connect.   That's it!

Continue as confirmations Screen

You can also Register via Facebook.

Registering via Facebook pre-populates many of the fields in the registration form with the info that Facebook has.  To complete registration you'll need to fill in any other required fields.

Login (or register) using Linked In

Login with LinkedIn is not enabled by default - but if you wish to add this as another social login option - open a support request and we can activate it for you.

When enabled, the login page will show the following:

Volunteers will have two options in Social Log In Settings:

Registering with Linked In

Registering with Linked In presents the following:


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