Organization Profile view

Organization Profile view

Organization Profile view

1. Mission Statement of organization

2. Logo of organization

3. Link to a search results page which shows all the organization's active volunteer opportunities in the system

4. Information about the organization from your database. (Note: You may elect to either show the full address or just city, state zip of the organization to protect their confidentiality and to prevent volunteers from showing up at their location without signing up for their volunteer opportunities on the site.  Full addresses are disclosed in emails sent to volunteers AFTER sign-up.)



Melissa Hill Dees

Is there any way to change what shows up on this page?

Larry Deckel

The layout cannot be changed. You do have control of what shows up in section 1. (That is the content of the field "Mission Statement)
You can also change their logo.

You also control how much info shows up under "address" (in the org record, you choose between full address and city, state and zip only.

Melissa Hill Dees

We were hoping for a phone number on this page...?

Larry Deckel

There are several threads in the forums discussing this as a feature request.
Many people specifically do NOT want a phone # on this page.

Remember - if people just call the agency - then you have no way to track that they've contacted the organization through you.

You are in the business of referring people to resources -- if you don't have them click on an opportunity and express interest -- you do not know that you've referred someone.

Nonetheless, if you feel strongly about the need for this - please visit the feature forum in zendesk and weigh in on the conversation.

Larry Deckel

FYI: If someone really wanted the phone # - they could click on the URL that connects to their web site, and find it easily enough :-)


I was wondering if there is a limit to the length of the mission statment. Specifically one of our partners would like to post two paragraphs. While it shows up as two paragraphs on the back end, on the front end it does not. Thanks so much!

Larry Deckel

The field used in the organization record to house the mission statement is a "long text" field. That is a SF native field type that is limited to text only, and up to 32,000 characters.

Unfortunately, because its a 'text' field, and not a 'rich text' field -- it doesn't support html of any kind, which means that you can't insert things like paragraph breaks into it, make things bold, insert links, etc. It's just text -- plain and simple.

I can see why one might want the mission statement in the 'browse organizations' section to be able to feature more formatting, pictures, etc.... but its not currently supported because of the field type used in the record, and hard-coded into the public site.

If you'd like to see this field changed to a different field type, allowing more in the mission statement -- this would require a new feature. Please make a post in the feature request forum in zendesk.

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