Viewing or Editing Volunteer Teams and Participation

There are two things you typically do with an existing team:

1) Add or modify the people who are are your team.  You do this by clicking on "Manage Team"

2) You want to change the sign-up of your team for a particular volunteer opportunity by removing some team members and possibly signing up others.  You do this by clicking on the "Participants" Link for a particular volunteer opportunity.

If you want to add new team members AND sign them up -- you first have to add the team members through "Manage Team" - AND then be sure to click on "Participants" and add those new team members to the list of participating team members for one or more opportunities your team is signed up for.

Adding a new team member to the team roster is not the same thing as signing that team member up to participate in an opportunity.  

A team is a group of people you manage.  For each opportunity you can sign up one or many team members to participate for that opportunity!

View My Teams

View My Teams

My Teams Page

On this page you can create new teams, edit existing teams, or manage your team member's participation in an opportunity you are already signed up for.

Click on the + sign to expand the info about each team.

My Teams Page

1) Member of/ Captain of-   Provides a summary of the your number of teams you are associated with.

2) I am Captain of- Lists all the teams that you are a captain for and allowed to manage or sign-up for opportunities

3). Click on MANAGE TEAM to add (or remove), or edit who is on your team roster.

4) Click on "Participants" to edit the team members who are signed up for the listed opportunity.   Or click on "Remove Team" to remove all registered team members from the opportunity you've signed them up for.

5)  I am a Member of-  Lists the teams that you are a member of and allows you to remove yourself from the team (6).  It also shows you the opportunities that you are signed-up to participate in as a member of this team and provides you the opportunity to remove yourself from the volunteer opportunity (7)

Manage Team Page

Manage My Team

You can click on the + sign to see details of teams where you are the captain and have additional options.

You can click on the + sign to see details of teams where you are the captain and have additional options.


1. This section has summary information about the team

2. Click on "Add New Members" to add additional members to your team.  (Note: Adding them to the team roster does not sign them up for volunteer opportunities.  You'll need to go back to the My Teams page and click on Participants, to add your new team members to the opportunity sign-up.

3.  You can edit existing team members info here IF they have not yet registered themselves on the public site. (i.e. you an add an email address to a team member you previously didn't have an email for!)

4.   You can select team members using the check box to the left of their name, and then Email the selected team members, Remove them from the team if desired, or promote someone to a captain.   (Note: Captains must have an email address!)

5.   You can see the team's history in this section.

Detailed information on the team itself  (not the team's signups for upcoming opportunities) - can be found by clicking the Manage Team button.  

1)  Team Members and Hours Served-   Provides a quick summary about the team

2) Team Captains-  Lists all the team captains for the team

3)  New Member-  When you click on this button, a window opens allowing you to add new members as you did when creating a team.  Please note that if you do not have a company or group association with this team, then all new team members must have an e-mail address and/or phone number.  Also, age must be provided for minors, but it recommended for all team members.  And to mark someone as a team captain, you must provide an e-mail address.

4) Email Members, Remove Members, Make Captain-  By clicking on the box box to the left of the member's name, you can perform any of these three options.   Remember, to make someone a team captain they must have an e-mail address.

5) Completed Volunteer Projects-  Shows you the history of the team's participation, regardless of your partcipation in that project.

Managing Participation

Managing Participation

When you click on "Participants" a window opens on the screen with a list of all the team members.  

The members that are currently participating will have the box to the left of their name marked, while those that aren't will not.

To add a team member to this project, simply click on the box to the left of their name.   If there is still space available for the opportunity, they will be added when you click submit.

To remove a team member from this project, simply click on the box to the left of their name to remove the mark.

After making all the modifications, click "Submit."

You will then see who is currently signed up to participate as part of your team, and can remove or add team members to this opportunity as desired.

NOTE:  If space is tight on an opportunity - we recommend REMOVING team members from the opportunity first, Submitting it-- thereby freeing up space . Then modify participation again and  sign up others.  Because the removals may take place at the same time as the signups -- you may be told there isn't sufficient space to sign up the new members.   (because the system hasn't updated the removals yet).


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