The HandsOn Connect Home Page - Your Public Site

The Home Page of your public site can be configured to contain any content you desire by using our Content Management System (CMS).  You can edit and update content through a number of WYSIWYG tools and external integrations.

There are a variety of Templates available for a HandsOn Connect site, and you will select one when you first come aboard as a HandsOn Connect client.

In this manual - many of the images will be of the original HandsOn Connect template, as most of the system functionality works in the same way - no matter what your site template and layout.  The navigation to get to the various features of the public site will vary from site to site - as you can customize your navigation as part of the CMS.  

Some of the system functions that will be described in this manual may or may not be included in your version of HandsOn Connect.  Features such as teams, self-reporting, and Skills can be enabled or not enabled depending on your organizational needs.

The goal of this manual is to show you functionally, how many of the public site features work for volunteers.

Features of the home page

Home pages are typically comprised of navigation and a collection of blocks.

Home pages (and indeed the whole site - are mobile responsive and appear differently on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Here's an example of a typical home page on a desktop

  1. Language Selector. (available on bilingual sites), and A logo block.  (Used to feature your organization's Logo)
  2. Navigation (Menus) -- In this illustration -- they expand downward when clicked on revealing sub-navigation)

3. Login widget. (allows logging into the site, and has a link to register if you don't have an account yet)

4. Image Block  (can be configured in a number of ways)

5.  Simple Search Block. (for searching for Volunteer Opportunities)

6.  Featured Opportunity Block

7.  RSS Block

8.  Footer Block


Here's what the Home Page looks like in the 'classic' HandsOn Connect template.

Features of the home page


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