Signing up a Team for a Volunteer Opportunity

This post shows how to create a Volunteer Team via the public portal. We will start out in the admin/ staff portal, but once we switch to the public portal the steps are the same as if we had logged in as a volunteer from the public site to begin with.

Signing up for a Volunteer Opportunity

Find the opportunity that you would like to volunteer for using the "Find an Opportunity" from the menu bar.  For more infomation on how to search for opportunities, click here.

From the Volunteer Opportunity Detail, click on "Or sign up with a team."

Selecting the Team

Selecting the Team

You have three options for the types of teams to sign-up for the opportunity.

1)  If you are a Team Captain, the teams which you captain will be available from the drop down in "Option 1"

2) As an individual, if there are any Public Teams that have registered for this opportunity, they will be listed in this drop down and you can sign-up with them and also join their team.

3) If you wished to you could create a new team.  After you create the team you will have the opportunity to return to this step to sign-up the team.   If you need help creating a team, click here.  After you create a team, you'll be returned to this page and can then choose Option 1 to select that team and proceed with signup.

If you select option 1, then the page will re-load with the information related to the team you selected.

Selecting the Team Members

Selecting the Team Members

After you select the team to participate, a team member list appears for you to select which members will be participating.

All the Team Captains (1) are already pre-selected to participate, but their participation is not required, so you can unmark the box to the left of their name.  It is however, recommended that at least one Team Captain is signed up for the opportunity to ensure that project related information is being received by the team since some team members may not have email address and therefore would not receive the notices or reminders and only a team captain can continue to manage the team signup.

To sign-up any of the other team members (2) simply mark the box to the left of their name.  If they have an e-mail address provided they will receive the notification of the sign-up and any other related notices and reminders.

To see all of your team members, use the scroll bar (3).

If there any extra questions related to this opportunity, they will be presented in this area (4).  A response is required.  (You will have to answer the question based on all the members of your team).

The click "Submit".  

After clicking submit, you'll see a "success" confirmation screen.  The project will also be listed in your team's upcoming opportunities.  To learn how to manage the team's particiaption in an opportunity, click here.


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