Logging in and Managing your Volunteer Account

Once a volunteer has registered on the site, they are given immediate access to their volunteer account.  The "Become a Member" link changes to a "My Account" link and this gives the volunteer access to manage their volunteer account.


When you first login you will be taking to the Volunteer Account overview Page.  Here you'll see:

1. A total of all your verified hours of service, and your 'total hours' which includes self-reported hours that have not yet been verified.

2. Upcoming Opportunities -- a scrollable, sortable list (click on column headers to sort), of your upcoming opportunities.

3. Link to the opportunity detail page

4.  Info on your sign-up status for your upcoming opportunities.  This will include some or all of the following:

  • The words "Pending Approval" -- will appear if you have expressed interest in an opportunity but have not yet been confirmed by the Opportunity Leader.
  • "Remove me" link (to cancel and remove yourself from attending the opportunity)
  • The words "Team Opportunity"  (if you are signed up as part of a team)
  • "Participants" link.  Appear if you are signed up as the team captain of a team. Clicking on this allows you to see who on your team is signed up, and alter the participation list.
  • "Remove Team" link. Appears if you are signed up as the team captain and wish to cancel the entire team from attending.
  • "Location Details" hyperlink.  Will open a page with location information and a google map to the volunteer opportunity.
  • "Add to Calendar" link.  Will allow you to choose your personal calendar type and automate the process of adding it to your personal calendar.

5. Volunteer History - lists all your past connections.  Has the following possible Actions / Status:

  • "Team Opportunity" will indicate if you attended as part of a team
  • "Feedback" link allows you to give feedback on the opportunity, and rate it on a scale of 1-5 stars.
  • "Report Hours" link allows you to self-report your hours of service, in situations where the opportunity leader hasn't already verified your attendance.

6. Self-Reported Hours - this section appears in organizations that have self-reporting enabled.  It will list all the opportunities a volunteer has self-reported.

Location Details Page

Location Details Page

In the upcoming opportunities section there is also a link "Location Details" clicking on this takes you to the Location Details Page.

Any information in the "Locations" object will appear here including special directions on parking, transit, etc.  Also a working google map will appear allowing the volunteer to get driving directions from any location.

Volunteer History indicates whether or not hours are verified.

Volunteer History indicates whether or not hours are verified.

For Volunteer Opportunity appearing in Volunteer History, those opportunities where you have had attendance and service verified will appear with the word Verified underneath it.

For past service where the Opportunity Coordinator has now yet verified service, volunteers can click on "Report Hours" to self-report their hours.

Self-Reporting Hours for your volunteer history

Self-Reporting Hours for your volunteer history

If a volunteer sees that the opportunity coordinator for a past volunteer opportunity has not yet verified their attendance, they can click on the "Report Hours" link and self-report their hours of attendance. This will trigger an email to be sent to the Opportunity Coordinator requesting that they verify the self-reported hours.

Add to Calendar

The Add to Calendar option will be presented to you when you first sign up for a "Sign Up" project.  The link will appear on the success page.  For any opportunities that were express interest, or to get to this link later, you'll find it in your upcoming opportunities for all your confirmed connections.

Click on the link to choose your calendar format:

Add to Calendar


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