Using the Public Website - Main Navigation for Volunteers

Here's a description of the main navigation items for volunteers.  Note however, that the Navigation in the "For Volunteers" section is customizable using the Content Management System.  You can change the names of each of these navigation items, and may find you have different elements set up in the system when you first get started.  

Here we discuss the basic functionality and navigation used by volunteers.

Find An Opportunity

Find An Opportunity

Allows volunteers to search, sort, and sign-up for opportunities.  There is also a Calendar view.  Some HandsOn Connect sites use the new "Search Results Block" as an alternative to /search and /calendar.   Here's what a /searchresults block on a page can look like.  (This is the 'list view')


And below is the calendar view of a /search result block

Opportunity Calendar (/calendar page)

Opportunity Calendar

The submenu option "Opportunity Calendar" takes you to opportunities in a calendar format.  (Or you can make it a separate navigation item in the horizontal menu).

Date and Time Specific Opportunities are posted to the calendar on the day on which they occur.  

1.  A dropdown 'search and search options' filter is available if you wish to narrow the opportunities that appear on the calendar.

2.  The calendar links to a Day View option where you can see all opportunities that appear on that day, in case there are more than can fit on the calendar page.

3. A pop-up appears when you mouse over an opportunity with additional detail.


This is a WYSIWYG editable, flat-content page where you can publicize your upcoming large-scale events, are post links to the event description pages.

Browse Organizations

Browse Organizations

This page has a list of all your active organizational partners in a sortable view by name, city, state, or impact area.  Clicking on the organization name brings up the organizational Profile view with a detailed description of the organization, its impact, its mission statement, logo, web URL etc.

Become a Member: About Membership

This is an optional page that many organizations present to be viewed before the actual Registration page.

Become a Member:  About Membership

This page is easily edited using the WYSIWYG editor and should explain what becoming a member of your organization is like, and any rules or terms for registering and volunteering.  It should include a link to Sign Up and create an account which leads to the "Sign-up/Registration" page

Become a Member: Sign Up / Registration

The registration form on this page can be edited in the CMS, and additional pages can be added to the registration process using the Advanced Registration System add-on.

Become a Member: Sign Up / Registration

This is the online registration form that will create an account for a volunteer.  You can add "Additional Questions" in the final section of this page if you wish to capture additional info from volunteers, or create more complex registration processes with the Advanced Registration System add-on.

A link to your organization's "Terms and Conditions" for volunteering appears on this page.

After creating an account, or logging in, the last menu item typically changes from "Become a Member" to "My Account"



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