Using the Public Website - Main Navigation for Businesses

The "For Business" or "For Corporate Partners" section of the website provides a navigation for your corporate partners.  It also provides access to 'business pages' where your business partner's volunteers can easily search and sign-up for their 'private' volunteer opportunities.  It also gives you a place to highlight your business partners and their mission.

Business Pages / Corporate projects

Corporate Project or Partner Functionality

The main functional element in the business section of the site is a series of 'business pages' where you can publicize your corporate partners, allow them to tell their story, and provide a landing page for their employees and invited guests to find their 'private' volunteer opportunities that do not appear on the main calendar or in search.  

These can be found by either entering an invitation code -- which, when entered, will reveal the private opportunities, OR Volunteers who are logged in, and associated as employees of the organization will automatically see their company's private opportunities appear in the search grid on this page:

The other navigation items can be defined based on your business needs

The other navigation items can be defined based on your business needs

In this illustration, "Become a Corporate Partner" describes the ways that businesses can partner with our organization.  Resources provides them to links about the impact of corporate service. You can add any additional pages you wish to this segment of the website.


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