HOC Release Notes (Nov 5, 2020)

This release contains internal improvements, improvements to prevent configuration errors in ARS Workflows, and bug fixes related to use of multiple languages in public site and sharing portal.

Optional Upgraded Password Security for Public Site (HOC3-12278)

For users of the public site, they always have to set a password for their account.  Currently the only restriction on a password is that it must contain at least 6 characters, though a password strength meter, which generally encourages people to create a stronger password.


It is now possible, for HOC clients who wish to have stronger, enforced password security for their volunteers and sharing portal users, to request from support an upgrade to their password requirements.

The following upgrades can be requested from support to increase password security.

1. Minimum Number of Characters - the minimum number of characters can be raised to any number of characters you request.  (Default is 6 )

2. Complexity
   a. No restriction (Default)
   b. Must contain both Alpha and Numeric characters
   c.  Must contain Uppercase and lowercase letters and numeric characters
    d. Must contain Alpha, numeric and special characters
    e.  Must contain Uppercase and lowercase letters, numeric and special characters

3. Expiration Days - password can be set to expire and require a new password (default no expiration).
a.  Optionally set how many days before your password expires and must be reset.

4. Minimum Password History - default is 0 (if asked to reset password, you can reuse your old password).
a. Optionally - set a number of how many old passwords you can't reuse.  (i.e. if set to 2, you can't reset your password to either of the last 2 passwords you used.)

If you wish to increase your password security - please have your system administrator open a support ticket at https://support.handsonconnect.org

or email us at [email protected] and tell us what password security settings you wish to have increased.

Changing password settings will not affect the existing passwords of any users - but will be applied to all new accounts created.   If you set an expiration on existing passwords, the new password requirements will be enforced when an existing user is asked to reset their password.

Default login time for public site and sharing portal increased to seven days (HOC3-12969)

Previously, a person logged into the public site was automatically logged out from the site after 24 hours.  If they returned to the site after 24 hours had passed, they would need to log in again.

To improve ease of use for mobile users, the default login time has been increased to 7 days.  This means a user won't be required to login with username and password more than once a week.

Users who do not wish to remain logged in will still have the option to manually log themselves out at any time.   This can be useful for families that share a single computer.

ARS Improvement: Branch Logic errors prevented (HOC3-12980)

When creating branch logic for an ARS workflow, failure to set the values for criteria will result in a message advising you that you must fill in all required fields.  This will prevent you from saving a branch logic in a workflow that will cause errors in the ARS.

Bug Fix: Listing Block / Calendar Display Format displays "invalid date" in Safari (HOC3-12988)

Users who created a listing block using the calendar display format, found that the pop-up of dates, when seen in a safari browser, did not correctly show start date and time and end date and time, but instead showed 'invalid date" (See below)

Inbox — larry@handsonconnect.org (15 filtered messages)

This has been corrected, and the correct date and time are now displayed in the Safari browser.


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