Search Results Block

The Search Results block allows you to use the new Search Results and Calendar layouts to show your opportunities.   These layouts display the results as tiles in a grid layout, where each tile is a volunteer opportunity.  

Note that this block requires a good understanding of the CMS and HOC. Hence, it is not enabled by default.  If you do not see it in your CMS "Blocks" menu, please contact us at Customer Support.

Here is an example of the calendar layout (with Show Images turned on) using the  Search Results Block:

As you can see above, the Search Results Block also supports thumbnail images (optional), which you can help automate using a Salesforce Process Builder.  See the following related posts:

To get started with the Search Results Block, select "Search Result" from the Block Menu in the CMS utility bar and add a new search result block (note that your available CMS blocks vary depending on the version of HOC that you are using).

Define the parameters for your block

  1. Name your Search Results block.  We recommend being descriptive, e.g., "Main Search Results".
  2. Select the CMS region where you want your video to appear.
  3. Give your block a Title (optional)
  4. Set the block settings:
    1. Display Format:
      1. Listing: Standard Search Results displayed in a grid format ordered by the search criteria selected
      2. Calendar: Search results presented in a grid format grouped by day.  Only days with opportunities are shown.
    2. Custom Sort: Leave blank. Do no use this field.  This field is for support staff use only. It makes it possible for us to create custom sort orders if needed for special cases. 
    3. Set Default Value Distance if you want to restrict the search radius (in miles or kilometers) 
    4. Set the Search Options and Filters.  This is what the user sees and the options they have the narrow their search (labels are self-explanatory).  Toggle on or off as desired.
      1. Show Availability Section
      2. Show Who to Serve Section
      3. Show Invitation Code Section
      4. Show My Searches Section
      5. Show Distance Field
      6. Show My Causes Dropdown (not in use - future improvement)
      7. Show Type Opportunity Section
      8. Show Appropriate For Section
      9. Show Programs & Causes Section
    5. If you are using images for your opportunities, you can choose the display them by toggling on the Show Image option.
    6. Show Zipcode in Location: Displays city and zip to the search result tile for each opportunity.
  5. Use the advanced settings to specify which page(s) you want this block to appear on, and in what order relative to other blocks or content on the page.
  6. Save the Settings of your new block.
  7. You are done!

Linking your Search Results Block to a Basic Search Block

Once you create a Search Result Block, it will be available in your Basic Search Blocks under the Redirect to Search settings.  If you select here a Search Result Block when a user starts a search on the related Basic Search Block the results will be displayed using your Search Result Block, instead of the "classic" search results.


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