Creating a report to import connections for team members

If you have enabled the advanced feature that allows for batch importing connections, you'll want a report that allows you to get the Contact ID and Team Member ID for contacts you want to batch create team connections for. Here's the basics of such a report:

Create a new report of type "Volunteer Teams with Volunteer Team Members and Contact"

Change the show to "All Volunteer Teams" and add the following fields to the report:

  • Contact ID
  • Volunteer Team Member: ID (note: This is different than "Volunteer Team Member: Team Member ID' which is the VTM- record # -- NOT what we want)

These two IDs are the ones you'll reference when importing the template using the wizard.

I've optionally added the fields

  • Team Name
  • Contact: First Name
  • Contact: Last Name

(strictly so I can see that I have the people I expected)

Add the filter: Volunteer Team: Volunteer Team Name equals (null). When you use this report - you'll edit this one filter to put in the team name you wish to run the report on.

Save the report with a clear name like "Batch Import team connections"

Save the report with a clear name like  "Batch Import team connections"

This gives you everything you'll need for your import file. Save this report and don't modify it. Use it each time you want to add some filters to find and export contacts to connect.

Add filters as desired each time you want to export contacts, and save as a .csv file which you can then import via the wizard.

Edit the filter to find all the team members for a specific team, and then export as a .csv file. (Or use any filters you wish if you batch adding a number of different contacts to connections).

Remove the footer, and then import using the 'import connections' wizard following the instruction in this post. Batch importing connections,


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