Views vs Reports

So far we've talked about "Views" as a way of looking at multiple records of data at once.

But Views have limitations.

The deepest view of data is found in reports.

What are the differences?



Views are a way to search and see a number of records at once.  You are able to filter records, and select which fields you want to appear in the 'view'

In this view, we are looking at Volunteer Opportunity Records that have been filtered to show just affiliate-managed opportunities.


A view can filter and display any fields that are in that ONE object.

To get deeper information about data - we use reports.

To get deeper information about data - we use reports.

Reports allow you to do far more than views:

  • You can bring in data from more than one object at once   (This report combines fields from Volunteer Opportunities, Occurrences and Connections) all together.
  • You can group data based on specific fields to make information more meaningful
  • You can perform records and mathematical calculations based on any of the numerical data in the system.
  • You can create visual views of summarized data through Dashboards
  • You can export the data into excel or a .csv file in order to analyze it further!


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