Report - Show active Occurrences on Public Site

Are you looking to pull a report showing all Occurrences or Volunteer Opportunities that were active or visible on the public site within a specific date range? The steps below will explain how you can compile a report that'll provide this type of data.

Setup your Report Type

In Salesforce navigate to the Reports tab and then select New Report.

Search for and select the Report Type called HOC Vol Opps with Occurrences (No Connections).

* In this example we will use the report type that excludes Connections. However, if you need Connection data in your report you can select the Report Type called HOC Vol Opps with Occurrences and Connections.

Set your Reporting Filters

In the left panel select the Filters tab to set the report's criteria. In this example we will look for all active Occurrences in the month of December.

Toggle the option to Update Preview Automatically so you can see changes to your report as you are making them.

  1. Change the Show Me field to All volunteer opportunities.
  2. Set the Created Date to All Time.
  3. Add the Occurrence Start Date & Time field
    • Set the filter to less or equal to the end of the month (12/31/2021 11:59 PM).
  4. Add the Occurrence End Date and Time Field
    • Set the filter to greater or equal to the beginning of the month (12/01/2021 12:01 AM).
  5. Add the Volunteer Opportunity Status field to the filter
    • Set the filter to not equal to Pending, Awaiting Approval, Admin

Your filter should look similar to the image below.

Add Required Fields

Select the Outline tab from the left panel and add any required fields for this report using the Add Column field. Listed below are a few fields you may want to add to your report:

  1. Managing Organization
  2. Volunteer Opportunity Name
  3. Volunteer Opportunity ID (Use the Show Unique Count feature to show the number of Volunteer Opportunities)
  4. Occurrence Start Date & Time
  5. Occurrence End Date & Time
  6. Schedule Type
  7. Number of Occurrences
  8. Total Attended (Occurrences)
  9. Total Connections (Occurrences)
  10. Total Hours Served (Occurrences)


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