(Advanced) Using cross-filters in a report

Use cross filters to filter a report by an object's child objects using WITH or WITHOUT conditions. For example, filter a report to show just accounts with cases, or contacts without activities. You can apply cross filters by themselves, or in combination with field filters.

Note that filter logic applies only to field filters—not cross filters. You can create up to three cross filters per report.

Add subfilters to further filter by fields on the child object. For example, if you have a cross filter of Accounts with Opportunities, click Add Opportunity Filter and create the Opportunity Name equals ACME subfilter to see just those opportunities. You can create up to five subfilters for each cross filter.

Use cross filters to include or exclude records in your report results based on related objects and their fields. To create a cross

filter for your report:

1. In the Filters pane of report builder, click Add > Cross Filter.

2. Select a parent object from the drop-down list. Your choice determines which related objects you see in the child object list.

3. Choose with or without.

4. Select a child object from the drop-down or search by its name. This drop-down list contains all eligible child objects of

your selected parent object.

5. Optionally add subfilters:

a. Click Add Your Related Child Object  Filter.


b. Select a field. The fields are determined by the child object in the cross filter. For example, if your cross filter is

Accounts with Cases, you can use case fields for your subfilter.

c. Choose a filter operator.

d. Enter a value.

6. Click OK.


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