Viewing Dashboards

Dashboards are accessed through the Dashboard Tab, and organized into folders.

When you click on the Dashboard Tab you will brought to the last dashboard you had viewed.

View Dashboard picklist

View Dashboard picklist

Click on the "View Dashboard" picklist to see the various dashboards accessible to you.  If you have a LOT of dashboards, you can also type into the search box at the top of the picklist to search for a dashboard by name.   When you select a dashboard's name -- you'll be moved to a view of that dashboard.

1. To see ALL dashboards, click on the 'Go to Dashboard List" link just above the 'view dashboard' filter on the page.

2.  Because updating dashboards requires ALL reports used to be run, the dashboards don't automatically refresh.  You can see the last time they were refreshed in the "Last Refreshed at..." text in the upper right.

3.  To refresh the dashboard and view stats as they exist right now -- click on the Refresh Button.

4.  You can also view the dashboard as it would appear to a specific user.  (So if you want to see the data a customer portal user would see if you made the dashboard object, and a dashboard folder accessible to them,  you can search for that user -- and see exactly how the dashboard would look to them!)

The Dashboard List  (Dashboard Home Page)

The Dashboard List  (Dashboard Home Page)

Here, like on other home pages, you can set views for your dashboards.

Click on Create New Folder to create a new folder to group your dashboards and control who can see dashboards in a given folder.


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