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How can I create a report on connections and only see contacts where their registration answer has a specific value?

Sometimes you want to get a report on hours served, but only want to see SOME of the volunteers, based on their answer to a custom registration question.

Unfortunately, the relationship of connections to contacts, and registration answers to contacts makes it impossible to pull the answer to a registration question into a report involving connections.

However, you can use cross-filters to limit the report results and see only connections associated with SOME contacts.

Example: Let's say you had a custom registration question that asked volunteers if they had a relationship with the University of Georgia. You can then create a cross filter that looks through ALL the registration answers and only brings in records with an appropriate picklist value.

Use the report type HOC Connections and Contacts

This report gives us access to connections (so we can get the hours for all connections during a given time period. (In this example, we want to report on connections for THIS MONTH).


Add a cross filter:

Add a cross filter:

We filter on All Contacts - and want all contacts for all time.

We add a filter for the Connection Start Dates we're interested in. In this case "this month"

Click on Filters and add a "cross filter". We are interested in only seeing contacts that have ('with") a Registration Answer. And then we define what we want that answer to equal or contain. (Note: This will search ALL registration answers so you need to have some unique text that won't be contained in other registration answers. You are not able to choose only the answer to a specific question, so if you have multiple questions with yes or no questions - you won't be able to just get the yes answers to one question.

Once you have this cross filter in place -- you'll only see connections for contacts who have chosen an answer to a custom question that contains the text "University of Georgia".

When you run the report - only those contacts with a "university of Georgia" answer will show up in the results.


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