Using the "Create New Custom Report" Feature

Sometimes, when you cannot find the report you are looking for or the report you want to use is missing fields, it is easier to just start from the beginning and create a custom report.  This lesson will show you how to do that.

Navigate to the Reports Tab/Object

Just above the Folder List, you will see a button called Create a New Custom Report.  

That's nice... but... what does that mean?  

Well, we want to tell the Report Builder what Objects we want to use in the Report.  

Maybe we want Opportunities and Occurrences.

Maybe Opportunities, Occurrences, and Connections

Maybe Events, Opportunities, Occurrences, and Connections.  

Instead of spending time trying to find a report that has everything we need, we can start here.

Click the Create a New Custom Report button

Get to know Custom Report Window

Get to know Custom Report Window

(PS.  Different than the CustomIZE Report Window...)

1.  Select the Category.(This is called Report category)

2.  Select the Objects you want (This is called REPORT TYPE)

3.  Preview what your new report might look like

4.  Create the Report

For the most part...

For the most part...

Remember, these Report categories are built for SALESFORCE and are not specific to HandOn connect.  The Opportunities category?  Remember: That is different from Volunteer Opportunity... The Opportunity Category is a Salesforce object...

As a general rule:  Go to the Category: Other Reports.

HOC has populated this with many of the Report Types you will probably need.

In this case, we want Occurrence, Opportunities, and Connections

Hit Create which will take us to the Customize WIndow.

Start with a clean slate

Start with a clean slate

You don't have to, but I like to start with a CLEAN SLATE, so I Remove All Columns

Build out your report

Build out your report

1. Using the Field Menu and its Search function, find the fields you want to add and drag them in.

2. Choose what types of Fields you want View... I want them All

3. Create your time Frame... no Time Frame

4. Add Filters  (I only want connections who have the role of Volunteer Leader)



Add Summaries and Charts

Add Summaries and Charts

1.  I changed my mind about the Volunteer Leaders, so I REMOVED that filter

2.  I am summarizing by Opportunity Name

3.  I am inserting a chart to see how many people were involved in Each Opportunity.

Remember:  Sample Data... You need to Run Report to see all your records

Our New Custom Report is complete.  Note that I hid the details (1) and because there were so many Opportunities, it combined the smaller pieces into on singe Other pie piece.  That was a Formatting Option my Chart Editor.


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