Controlling which reports are available to whom (customize portal access to reports)

Salesforce has a TON of stock salesforce-centric reports which would only be confusing to your partner organizations and volunteer leaders. You can control which report folders are viewable within the portals.

Reports are organized in folders, and you can control who can access each folder.

Reports are organized in folders, and you can control who can access each folder.

Go to a folder by selecting it from the Folder picklist, and then click on the dropdown picklist that will appear - and select edit.

Campaign Reports, for example, is a standard salesforce report, and of no interest to your portal partners, so let's make it, and all the reports in it, invisible so as not to clutter their page.

You can make each folder that you have reports in either Read Only, or Read/Write (which means the users with access can add reports to the folder)

You can control who has access to the folder. Select "This folder is accessible by all users, except for portal users" to exclude it from VLs and Partners.

You can create a folder with a report that is specific to one public group (one of your partners). Then only they will have access to this folder.

Create folders and reports to meet the specific needs of your partners, VLs, and staff, and house each in separate folders so you can control access.

Only grant access to reports that are meaningful and useful to the people who can access them.

It is recommended that the System Administrator examines all the reports, and hides any that don't meet their staffs needs from their view. Then the array of reports will be less confusing.

Make custom reports in folder categories that make sense to you and your staff.

Note: The output of any report will be limited to the records that the running user has access to.

Users running reports will only see THEIR data.

Give special thought to the report folder(s) you make accessible to your portal users

For Wave 8 and beyond, there is a stock folder called "HOC Reports for Partners". Make sure that all reports you want your partner to have access to exist in this folder.

Two Important reports that should be in this folder are:

1) Questions & Answers. (This is used to provide the answers to questions via the button in the occurrence record). Note: (this report has a merge field in it so running the report in the folder itself will get NO results. It's intended to be run from within the occurrence record where it will merge the occurrence ID.

2) Unverified Self-Reported Hours

If you have enabled self-reporting in your instance, this report makes it easy for your partners to see verifications that are due for self-reported opportunities with their organization.

No need to include a copy here if you do not have self-reporting turned on!


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