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Creating a Report to See What opportunities and occurrences are currently visible on your Public Site

Want an easy way to know what occurrences and opportunities are visible on the public site?

This report will show you exactly what's on your site, whether it requires an invitation code to see it, and how many connections are currently made for all your upcoming opportunities.

This is a good report to put in your partner folder as its useful not just for you, but for anyone who creates volunteer opportunities.

Creating a Report to See What's currently visible on your Public Site

Take the basic report already in HandsOn Connect called "Total Active Future Occurrences" and we'll perform a few modifications on it to make it very specific and useful.

Click on a "Save As" and we'll save it as "Occurrences visible on public site".

It already has filters setting the end date & time of the occurrences to greater or equal to today, and occurrence status = active.

Click on Show Details and customize, and then add the following fields to the report

Volunteer Opportunity: Status

Volunteer Opportunity: Number of Volunteer Opportunities (Summarize on this field to get the SUM

Volunteer Opportunity: Invitation Code

Occurrence: Status

Occurrence: Total Connections (summarize as SUM)

Occurrence: Total Confirmed (summarize as SUM)

Add the following Filter

Add the following Filter

Volunteer Opportunity: Status = Active

Group by "Invitation Code"

This way you'll know about opportunities that are not normally visible in search, but ARE in fact active, if you have the invitation code.

To do this, you'll need to remove the grouping on the Volunteer Opportunity Record ID (you can only group by three items).

And I also recommend moving the Managing Organization field out of the groupings, so that you'll only see Volunteer Opportunity Names in the 'hide detail' mode.

So you're grouping will now be:

Invitation Code:

Volunteer Opportunity Name

Now Click - HIDE Details, Save the report, and Run it.

You'll now have a summary of all the Volunteer Opportunities / Occurrences that are visible on the public site (Grouped by invitation code)

The total of 'non-invitation code" occurrences is what will appear on your public site search.

You'll also have a summary of how many upcoming connections and 'confirmed volunteers' you have. (Confirmed volunteers is the number of connections + anon(guests)


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