Enabling Move/Copy Connections functionality

This article details the steps taken by System Admins to enable the Move/Copy Connections.

NOTE: The ability to move or copy Connections while making it easier to complete these steps have the potential to corrupt or duplicate your data.  System Admins should only enable these features for trained users.  It is not recommended that you enable this feature for Partner Staff.  If desired you can use permission sets to enable it for designated staff and partner staff users.

To learn more about permission sets, see this Salesforce post

Granting Permission to the Visualforce Pages

The visualforce page associated with the Move/Copy Connection are already enabled for System Admins.  If you wish to enable them for Staff or other profiles, follow these steps.  



System Admins should go to Setup -> Develop -> Pages.

Locate the Move_Copy_Connections page.

Click on Security next to Move_Copy_Connections



Select the Available Profile desired and add them to the Enabled Profiles column.

Click Save.

Adding the Buttons to Occurrence Page Layout

Go to Setup -> Create -> Objects -> select Occurrence.

On the Occurrence Detail Page, scroll down to the page layouts related list and select the desired page layout and click Edit, for our example we will use Staff Occurrence Layout v3.



Repeat for any additional page layouts as desired.

Note: If you are not going to enable the "copy/Move Connections" functionality for Staff, we recommend you clone the Staff Page Layout v3 and rename it Admin Page Layout v3 and add the custom button to that page layout and assign the layout to the System Admin profile.  You can opt to still share the Staff Occurrence Layout v3 between Staff and System Admins, and if you do then Staff users will receive the insufficient privileges message if the feature has not been enabled for them.


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