Enabling Batch Create for Team Members and Connections

This article details the steps taken by System Admins to enable the Batch Create Functionality for Team Members and Connections.

NOTE: The ability to batch create Team Members and Connections while making it easier to complete these steps have the potential to corrupt or duplicate your data.  System Admins should only enable these features for trained users.  It is not recommended that you enable this feature for Partner Staff.  If desired you can use permission sets to enable it for designated staff and partner staff users.

To learn more about permission sets, see this Salesforce post

Note:  If using HandsOn Connect Lightning - this functionality is already available and configured for access on the Utility Bar found at the bottom of the browser window and in Contact List Views by selecting the quick action via the triangle drop down on the upper right of all list views other than "Recently Viewed"

In classic - you'll need to configure and install as instructed below.

Granting Permission to the Visualforce Pages.

The visualforce pages associated with the Import Team Members and Import Connections are already enabled for System Admins.  If you wish to enable them for Staff or other profiles, follow these steps.  


System Admins should go to Setup -> Develop -> Pages.

Locate the ImportConnections1, ImportConnections2, ImportTeamMembers1, and ImportTeamMembers2 pages.

Click on Security next to ImportConnections1


Select the Available Profile desired and add them to the Enabled Profiles column.

Click Save.

Repeat the steps for ImportConnections2, ImportTeamMembers1, and ImportTeamMembers2.

Adding the Buttons to Contact views. (SF Classic Only)

Contact list views are universal for all users.  If you enable either the Create Connections or Create Team Members buttons on the List View they will be displayed for ALL users that have access to the contacts tab.   If you have not granted them permission to the related visualforce pages, they will simply get an insufficient privileges message.

While the Contacts tab is hidden by default for the Partner Staff portal, if you have enabled it for them they will have access to these buttons as well.

Please consider the visibility of these buttons prior to adding them to your Contact List View.


Go to Setup -> Customize -> Contacts -> Search Layouts

Click Edit next to Contacts List View


Adding the Import menu to the Left Side Menu (Salesforce Classic Only)

Unlike the Contact List View buttons, the Import menu can be added to the Left Side Menu based on the Home Page layout assigned to the profile.  


Go to Setup - > Customize -> Home -> Home Page Layouts

Click Edit next to the desired Home Page Layout to add the Import menu option to. Default Page Layout Assignments are listed below.  You can click on the "Page Layout Assignment" button to see the home page layouts assigned to the profiles for your instance.

  • Admin Home Page Layout:  System Admin
  • Staff Home Page Layout: Staff
  • Partner Staff Home Page Layout: Partner Staff
  • Employee Coordinator Home Page Layout: Employee Coordinator


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