Configuring HandsOn Connect Lightning (Pt 1) Home Page

There are a few things you'll want to do to set up HandsOn Connect Lightning.   Follow the steps here for our suggested configuration.

Note however - that all of this is optional - you can start using HandsOn Connect Lightning right now with no further configuration.  

Customize and Assign the HandsOn Connect Home Page as your default Home Page:

While on the home page tab - Click on the cog and select edit page.  This will take you to the Lightning App Builder where you can edit lightning pages:

In the Lightning App Builder - click on the "Pages" Menu and select Open Page.

(You'll be asked "Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page?  You'll lose any unsaved changes".   That's OK, because we don't care about this default home page we were seeing.  Click Confirm.

What you'll see here is a list of all the HOC Record Pages that are part of the HandsOn Connect Lightning application.   You can't edit any of them directly (because they are part of a managed package).  So if you want to change any of the lightning page layouts going forward, you'll clone the page we've provided, and make your edits there.  

We'll start by cloning the HOC Home Page

To do this, select HOC Home Page, and check the 'Clone Selected Page" box, and then Click "OPEN"

Editing the Cloned Home Page

In the right column of the lightning page layout:

1) Rename the Label of the page from HOC Home Page to HOC Home Page XXXX. (Where xxxx is your HOC Client ID or your organization name).  It doesn't matter really what you name it - but its helpful to identify it so you know its YOUR version of the HOC Home Page.  Use the same naming convention for any custom pages you create in the future so you know its your version!

2) Rename the Developer Name. (the developer name can't have any spaces in it)

For example:   In HOC Instance 0219 I am renaming HOC Home Page to HOC Home Page 0219 and the Developer name to Home0219.

If you don't know your HOC client number - ask us.  Or go to Users in Setup and you'll see a user named [email protected].   The XXXX is your client number.

Adding your client number helps us when we're doing support for you as we know what instance of Salesforce we're in.

Click on the top center section of the page layout.  This is the Rich Text Component of the Page:

Click on that 'component' in the lightning page, and after a few seconds the component will appear on the right side of the page ready for you to edit. It sometimes takes up to 10 - 15 seconds before the WYSIWYG for the rich text appears.  So wait for it to show up like this:


Click on that 'component' in the lightning page, and after a few seconds the component will appear on the right side of the page ready for you to edit. It usually takes about 10 - 15 seconds before the WYSIWYG for the rich text appears.  So wait for it to show up like this:

On the right side you'll see the text that appears in the upper component on the page.   You'll edit this content by working on the right side where the content appears:

Make the following Edits to the Page:

1) Change the "Welcome to HandsOn Connect 3.1 Lightning" to whatever you choose.  We recommend the simpler "Welcome to HandsOn Connect Lightning" but you can put whatever you like (or change it in the future after people have gotten used to the new lightning version of HOC.

2)  Where it says [Site Name = Site Number] we recommend putting the name of your organization - and then your HOC Client number

3) Select the text / link "View Your Public Site" - and using the WYSIWYG editor link it to the URL of your public site.  (Click on the link icon and edit the site URL). This makes it easy for your users to quickly get to the public site :-).  Don't forget to set it to https://

Click Save to save your link,   and then Save in upper right, to save the edited page.  

You'll now need to activate your page

Depending on when you last saved, you will either be automatically asked to activate the page, or need to click the 'Activation" Button.  

You now have the option to make this page either:

1) The organization default. (Select this if its the only lightning app you'll be using for your organization

2) The App Default. (We recommend this choice. As it'll make this the home page when using HandsOn Connect Lightning.

3). Any app and Profile (if you want to have different home pages when using this app for users with different profiles).

For now, we'll select App Default.  Click that tab and then click on "Assign to Apps"

You'll see a list of all lightning apps.  Select "HandsOn Connect Lightning" as the app you wish to use this home page for.  (You can optionally assign this page to any other app as well).   Click Next

You'll be asked to review your assignments, and then click SAVE, and you'll be returned to the HOC Home Page XXXX you created.

Click on Back to return to Salesforce - (You may need to refresh your browser a couple of times, and your new version of the Home Page will show up as the default home page.

(Optional) You can continue to edit or add to your home page as desired:

Now that you have your own version of the HOC Home Page - you can always edit it and add additional components.
We've started you out by putting the "One Step Attendance Reporting": Visualforce component on the home page.  

For example:  You can add any of the following to the home page by adding components.  Just drag an item from the "Lightning components tray on the left -- onto your home page layout.

1) Add a favorite report chart that is relevant to your organization.  (Use the Lightning component "Report Chart) and choose the report you wish to display

2) You can add other frequently used items like the Volunteer Opportunity Wizard.  (Use the lightning component "Flow" and choose the flow "Volunteer Opportunity Wizard:"

Add useful 'list views' to the home page:

Examples:  Opportunities Awaiting Approval, Occurrences Awaiting Approval,  Upcoming Connections, ...

Use Tasks?  Add the "Today's Tasks" component!  

Optional:   If you choose to add the Volunteer Opportunity Wizard to the Home Page -- it does take a little bit of configuration.  Here's how:

Select the Flow Component from the left lightning components sidebar - and drag it into the lightning page layout:

Click on the flow component, and you'll be able to edit the flow component in the right sidebar:

Select the flow "Volunteer Opportunity Wizard. (NOT "Volunteer Opportunity Wizard - Flow" which is an old version some orgs still have)

Set Layout to "One Column"

Scroll to the bottom and In the Flow variables set singleusereccurrence = 0

Leave the rest blank:

Click Save to save the new component.

The wizard will now appear on your home page for easy access.  Cool!

SAVE the page layout

(Optional) Learn more about customizing Lightning Pages

Lightning makes it easy to customize lightning pages like the Home Page (or Record pages for each of your objects!  When you're ready -- Learn more about customizing lightning pages here.


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