Mass Emailing in Salesforce

Before you start: Create an email Template that has the message you want to send.

Step 1: Go to Setup / Admin Setup / Manage Users / Mass Email Users and select or create a view

If you don't already have a view created from a prior mass email - click on Create New View.

Create a view in the usual way

Create a view in the usual way

See this post on how to create views.

Save your view. It will now appear in the picklist of views in step 1, preselected for you.

Note... Within the view you can optionally unselect individuals, further refining who your mass email is sent to. (Everyone in the view - or just some of the people in the view). Click on the Next Button.

Step 2: Select which of your email templates you wish to send

Step 3: Give your email a name, and schedule it.

You have the option of BCCing yourself on one message so you know its gone out.

You can schedule the delivery for now - or a future date and time.

Then click SEND.

Step 4: Success Page

Step 4: Success Page


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