Creating a Sandbox

This article provides steps for configuring HandsOn Connect to work in a Sandbox.

For information on how to create a Sandbox, click here for documentation.

Sandbox Configuration

Add at least one Zip Code record

  1. Click the + Tab to view All Tabs.
  2. Click on the ZipCodes tab.
  3. Click New
  4. Fill anything in the Zip Code field and then click Save.  (You will need to use this value when creating Location records so use something that you'll remember)

Run the batchSelfReported

A.  You will have to deactivate the Validation Rule on Volunteer Opportunities that prevents your from editing or deleting them.

  1. Go To Setup -> Create -> Objects
  2. Select Volunteer Opportunity
  3. Scroll down to the Validation Rules section and click Edit next to Self_Reporting_Unique_Opportunity
  4. Uncheck the Active checkbox and click Save

B.  Run the script:

  1. Click your user name at the top of the screen and select Developer Console
  2. Go to Debug -> Open Execute Anonymous Window
  3. Delete any code that is there
  4. Copy and past the following line into the window:
    id batchinstanceid = database.executeBatch(new HOC.batchSelfReported());
  5. Press the Execute button.

C.  Then reactivate the validation rule after the script has finished.

Create the Individual and HOC Customer orgs

Depending on the type of Sandbox or Sandbox Template you are using you may need to follow the steps below.  If you already have the Individual Organization and HOC Customer Organization in your sandbox, then skip to the next section.

  1. Go to the Organizations tab
  2. Click the New Button
  3. Select Individual as the Record Type
  4. Fill in the Organization Name as Individual
  5. Click Save
  6. Go Back to the Organizations Tab and click the New Button
  7. Select Nonprofit as the Record Type
  8. Fill in anything for the Organization Name
  9. Select Type: HOC Customer
  10. Select Status: Active Partner
  11. Select Impact Area: Any
  12. Click Save
  13. There is a field hidden from the page layout called HON Affiliate ID. This field needs to be filled in on your HOC Customer record with your client ID number.  Edit the page layout and make this field visible so you can edit it.    (If you don't know the number, go to setup / Users and you'll see a user record called HOC Admin that will have a login in this format "xxxx HOC Admin".  The four numbers appearing as the xxxx are your client number and the HON Affiliate ID. )  Fill this into this field and click save.


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