HandsOn Connect DocumentationSystem Administrator ResourcesAdvanced System Administrator GuideHow to Update or Change Internal and Partner StaffFirst things to do before deactivating a user or removing portal access. Some tips on staff changes:

First things to do before deactivating a user or removing portal access. Some tips on staff changes:

Don't replace or update a user. Always deactivate an old user, and create a new one.

There is often the impulse to just 'update' one contact record with another's info  (as well as their user record) - but this is not the best way to go.  Because if you do so - you've sort of turned two people into one and will never know what the 'old user' did, and what the 'new user' did.  

Instead - create a new record for the new staff person - and then remove portal access or deactivate the user account for the departing staff person.  This way you'll preserve the history of your data.

Additionally you should audit data that affects future actions:

For Internal Staff and/or System Administrators

  1. Does the person who is leaving have any system-wide roles like primary System Administrator, or  Opportunity Approval Manager or Partner Approval Manager.   If so, you need to replace them in this role with someone else on your staff.  See the next three articles in this section for the 'how to'.
  2. Are their any workflows or email alerts that they are associated with?  If so, you need to have someone else on staff assume the role of sender, or receiver of tasks, email alerts, etc.  (See Managing and updating special email addresses used by HandsOn Connect"
  3. Check the HOC Customer Record in the system. Make sure they are not the primary contact, or the Opportunity Approval Manager, or Partner Approval Manager in this record.

For All Opportunities and Occurrences:   Don't change past records - but update future occurrences and active volunteer opportunities.

You don't want someone who is leaving the organization to be the Opportunity Coordinator for any future occurrences!  (They won't be able to respond or take action after you remove their license).  You don't want to change past history (then you'll know who the coordinator WAS last year).... but you need to update future occurrences.

  1. Audit your active volunteer opportunities, and make sure the departing staff member (or partner staff), is not the Default Opportunity Coordinator for any of the opportunities. Assign someone else on the partner staff or your staff as the default opportunity coordinator.  (Since this will be automatically populated in future occurrences you create)
  2. Look at all occurrences that have an end date > today --- and update each of the occurrence records to reflect a new Opportunity Coordinator (who will still be on staff).

Change ownership of organization records to an active user

There are a few situations in which having an inactive user as the 'owner' of an organization record can create some problems.  So before (or after) deactivating a user, transfer the ownership of their organization records to your current system administrator.

To do this go to Setup / Data Management / Mass Transfer Records  and click on "Transfer Organizations" link.

Indicate who to transfer From (the user who will no longer be active), and who to transfer to (Your system Administrator, though it can be any active user).

After you've done this:

You'll now be able to safely remove their portal access (for partner organizations, volunteer leaders, etc.) or make their user account inactive (for staff and/or system administrators). This will preserve the history of all your data -- but make things taking place in the future reflect the fact that the person is no longer with the organization.

See the remainder of this chapter for specifics on how to manage change for specific types of users.


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