Granting Access to HandsOn Connect Lightning

Once lightning has been enabled - there's just a few things you'll need to do to start using HandsOn Connect Lightning.   First off - grant access to the application to your users.  Here's how!

If you're not already in lightning - click on "Switch to Lightning Experience" at the top of the page:

Make the application "HandsOn Connect Lightning" available to user profiles

In your new lightning interface, go to setup (click the cog in the upper right", and in the 'quick find' box type "App Manager" and then select it.   (This is where you'll find all the Apps installed in your instance of Salesforce

You will find several applications with names like "HandsOn Connect..." or "HOC...."   The one we want to configure is called "HandsOn Connect Lightning".   Click on the right drop-down triangle and then select "Edit".

Curious about what the other "HOC" apps you might see here?  Here's what each of them represents:

1) HandsOn Connect Lightning - This is the lightning native version of HandsOn Connect which is now part of the 'managed' HOC application. This is the one you're going to configure unless you already have had the HOC Lightning (unmanaged) package installed by support.

2) HOC Classic (or, it may be simply labeled "HandsOn Connect") -- this is an automatic conversion of any existing application that Salesforce does when you activate Lightning. You'll notice that the app type is "Classic (Managed)".    This means they've brought over to the classic version of the HandsOn Connect app as best they could, and a system administrator would have to configure the app to a great degree to make it work in lightning.  "Classic" apps have certain limitations in lightning -- and Salesforce strongly suggests you switch over to Lightning apps instead. You can ignore this app as you won't be using it  - as we're providing you with a native lightning version of HandsOn Connect!

3). HOC Lightning -- this will only be available if you had support install a native lightning version of HandsOn Connect before this release. It is an unmanaged package, which was configured for you when you requested the install.  If you have this installed - you can and should continue to use this version instead of "HandsOn Connect Lightning)

4) HOC REST app (or in some instances simply REST App or REST Application) - this is a package that enables HOC to work with the HOC public site. You can, and should, ignore this app.

For now - let's get back to customizing the HandsOn Connect Lightning app.   Select Edit and then:

Configure the HandsOn Connect Lightning app to allow access to the User Profiles who use HandsOn Connect.

Select "User Profiles" in the left menu, and then move the profiles who use HandsOn Connect from the available column, to the Selected Profiles column.  Then Click Save.

For most HandsOn Connect clients, the two profiles you should make the app available to are:

  1. System Administrator
  2. Staff

If other profiles in your SF organization use HandsOn Connect add them as well.

You do not need to add profiles such as Partner Staff, Volunteer, or Volunteer Leader.  They are hold-overs from HOC v2 and no longer used since the HOC public site and sharing portal are not part of Salesforce.

Click the Back Link at the top of the page to get back to Setup:

We want it to be clear to our users which HandsOn Connect application to use, so we'll move HandsOn Connect Lightning to the first position, and we'll hide the unneeded "HandsOn Connect" (classic app) from the menu picker.

To do this, in Setup go to App Menu

Scroll and find "HandsOn Connect Lightning" and grabbing the three lines to the left, drag it up to the top position on the page:


Now.... look for the application "HandsOn Connect. (No description) -- this is the classic app we wish to hide.  To do this, click on the words "Visible in App Launcher" so that it changes to "Hidden in App Launcher"

You'll now be able to see HandsOn Connect Lightning in the first position of the App Switcher.

Click on the app switcher in the upper left of your lightning navigation (9 dots).  (This is how you select which app you want to use in the lightning environment)

Note:  If HandsOn Connect Lightning is not the principal application your users will be using, you can set the order however you like.  Remember though, that individual users can change the default order at any time for themselves by dragging the cards from one position to another :-). All you've done is set the default order for when folks start using lightning.

To start using HandsOn Connect Lightning - just click on the top left tile (or wherever you placed it :-)

This is how you select an app in lightning.   You'll know which app you're in because it will then appear in the upper left:

But let's make the HomePage something more useful that the lightning default homepage.  

Click here to learn about customizing the home page.


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